10 Steps To Raise Your Vibration

Source of image: Pexels

It’s very important to protect yourself and practice self-care. I’ve done all these steps before with improving results. These steps are great for you if you wanna be in alignment with yourself and hit the peak of joy and happiness so you can fulfill your heart's desire. I’ll show you each step that has the benefit to raise your vibration and de-clutter your mindset.
Here are the 10 ways to raise your vibration! Enjoy!

Start to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. As they say “You are what you eat.” and I personally don’t like to fill my body up with corpses that died of homicide with trauma, pain, fear, and sadness. In my honest opinion, I would recommend you work on converting to a vegan diet because fruits and vegetables come from the Earth and it contains high vibration and frequency. Your body will feel glad and your mood improves over time.
Everything is energy. Food is energy, each one of them. Consume less unbalanced, processed food and eat more foods made from the Earth itself.
First: what is grounding? It simply means you have direct contact with the Earth.
The Earth has high frequencies most of us wouldn’t know. We’ve always been grounded to Earth with our bare feet since the first human species has ever existed. As thousands of years have passed by we begin to wear shoes which obviously block our connection to Earth.
I like to do grounding at the beach because of the unrefined, sea salt water which has all the minerals and vitamins your body needs. You’ll notice you’ll sleep better, gain good energy, and your mental health will heal faster by grounding. Whether it’s on grass or at the beach.

Water is energy and the main priority for us to survive. The filtered water cleans the tap water and turns it into the cleanest, fresh taste. I recommend you strongly to drink filtered water by either buying a water pitcher with a filter or filtered water bottle to start with so you can increase the high level of vibration instead of tap water that contains impurities. Filtered water purges out all the impurities from the tap water. You’ll notice the taste difference between the tap water and filtered water, so get a filtered water bottle or water filtered pitcher to step a level up.
Ever heard about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment? He was a Japanese author and researcher. He would compliment the water in a glass with positive words, play music like Mozart and send good prayers to the water. What happened next is astonishing! The water turned into beautiful crystal forms.
The next thing he did was insulting the water with bad words and music like Heavy Metal was played to the water.
Afterward, the water turned basically into a disturbing and destructive, dark form. Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote a book about his study on water.
This is how much our bodies contain water:
90% as a fetus
80% as toddlers.
70% as a child
60-65% as adults
55% as elders
If any form of expressions can affect the water, then think about how it affects our psyche!
Nobody likes cold showers. I certainly didn’t at first, but a good, cold shower increases our alertness and mood so it’s a good way to “wake” your body up.
It’s a way to wake you up from the state of mind you were in and coming back from the dead. You’ll feel fresh, rejuvenated, and alive again. Your skin will radiate and glow beautifully and part of raising your vibration.

5. 432HZ
What is 432hz and why do I mention it?
432hz is the harmonic, universal frequency of nature. It expands your consciousness and removes the emotional block that has been clogged. You feel more in touch with the music that has 432hz in it. It helps you rise to a higher vibration.
Most music today is played with 440hz and I notice how my ear hurts after switching from 432hz and back to 440hz. That is because 440hz is disharmonic and unnatural for listeners. Start listening to your favorite music that’s converted to 432hz.
The Epsom salt helps to purify your psyche and cleanses your aura! Taking an Epsom salt bath is a way to protect a person spiritually and increase your high vibration level after your aura has been cleansed.
You should add Epsom salt in the tub and stay in the tun for around 20 minutes until you can feel the negative energy has been purged out. After 20 minutes you have to let your body air dry and rest afterward.

Begin to meditate and cleanse your mind of clogged, destructive patterns. Just like cleaning your house with the vacuum cleaner, you clean your mindset with the vacuum cleaner. You’ll allow more space of positive thoughts into your mind. The more you meditate the higher your vibration increases. You’ll feel more happy and uplifted!
Don’t allow people into your life who drain your energy out till you become exhausted. You allow their low, clogged vibration to affect your whole psyche. It’s time to cleanse people out who are not good for your soul, mind, and body. Time to allow good people into your life who participate in your happiness!

You don’t have to be a great dancer or singer to do it. Sing and dance your heart out whether someone is listening or watching.
I personally do freestyle dance in my own room when no one is looking. I feel so uplifted afterward. It’s the best way to let your energy out and increase high vibration. Let it out and don’t hold it inside.

Again, you are what you listen to. Plain simple. Many young people are unaware of the music they consume in their minds. I notice if the music has a dark, destructive vibration or good, uplifting vibration.
Notice everything, does it make you feel sad, destructive, depressed or happy, uplifted, and overjoyed? Become awake. You want to hear music that has a good influence and makes you feel good.
I hope you find the information and rituals useful. I have done all of these things and notice how everything around me begins to flow with blessings.