5 Signs You Have Bad Friends

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We’ve all had a friend or multiple friends who have proven us multiples times how they’re not authentic and loyal. 

We might have friends because we are afraid to lose value or scared to be alone, so we hang out with people since we have no one else to be with. Notice the friends you hang out with, because they may want to hear about your newest update only, m and leaves again minding their own life. We don’t want that type of friendship.

They don’t stand by your side when you’re down but want to stand with you if you’re living a valuable lifestyle. 

We are social beings by nature and need people in our lives who are supportive, caring, authentic as a diamond, and always look after you. These good friends should lift your spirit.

I have written 5 ways of a bad friend.

  1. Jealousy
This is a very common trait in most friendships. They are not the best supporters of your biggest achievements. It hurts them to see you doing well in life, and won’t feed you with compliments as much as you think they would do. Jealousy is a disgraceful trait to carry with. True friends get overjoyed by your success. They want the best for you, not the worst for you.

  1. The Flips
Their emotions would explode on you because of the smallest things in the world and their mood changes drastically during the day. The fights between you two are a headache for you in the end. You would feel as if you have to step up and impress them, yet you feel you’re not good enough. You start to question whether if they’re the problem or if it’s just you. Nothing is good enough for them. 

  1. Picks Your Flaws
They’re good at picking your flaws all the time, and they say it’s for good intention only, but they rarely pick up on your overlooked, great, personality traits. They will scrutinize every flaw you have to ruin your self-esteem and make you feel bad. They carry a lot of negative influence on them. Does that sound like a friend to you? Consider that. 

  1. Gossips About You
A real, authentic friend will let you know if you do something wrong right in your face, and keeps your secrets as confidentiality to other people. It’s a huge betrayal if your friend shares your deepest, most vulnerable secrets to other people without your consent. It is your right to be mad and disappointed in them.

  1. Insecurity
Ever had friends who are after you if you don’t reply to their messages immediately? Your friend gets mad if you have forgotten to answer their messages. They don’t get mad and come after you just one time. They do it all the time and it makes you feel controlled and watched. It’s a sign of insecurity and desperation. Real, laid-back friends give you space and understand that people sometimes forget to reply to a message and have an actual life. 

Re-think for yourself and if you want to carry these insecure, bad friends in your life. Notice if they damage your health and if you should continue to hold on them. This is not the ending of life. You can find many people who want the same things as you and respects you with love and compassion. 

Bad friends will have a hard time changing for good, they might never change at all if they’re narcissistic and in denial of their bad behavior.
It’s time to cut them for good.

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  1. Lots of truths here!! Thank you for this beautiful post*