How Music Make Us Feel

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Listening to music is a form of therapy and medicine. Music transcends us into another world that contains peace and tranquility. 
Our temporary problems start disappearing and we live in the moment.
You become fulfilled by peaceful songs that sing to your soul or by melancholic songs that expose our inner sadness. We either purge our cluttered soul through tears or feel rejuvenated by songs that heal our sick soul.

You can say music is a frequency language itself. Music, vibration, and frequency are all the same thing: Energy

Music is God’s gift for us if you believe in God. It used to have meaning in songs, but today’s music seems to have completely got out of control as it’s all about materialism and shallowness now. It has become a tool and a business to destruct people’s mind and implant violence in them. Music helps us through bad times. Our bottled up emotions releases by listening to healful songs that cleanse our troubled heart. It has the effect to change our mood from euphoria to depression and vice visa. Some people’s mood gets easily effected, while others don't.

Music has so much power over the world it’s both used for good and bad. Good because it helps us deal with problems in our everyday life. Bad because it’s like a magic spell influencing young kids to be focused on materialism. I think this can be the reason why music is forbidden in some religions. We need to be careful with what music we put into our kid’s mind. We need to feed healthy food to their souls, not contaminate their souls with poison. The music we listen to reflects our inner world. They present who we really are and what goes through our heads. It saddens me to see many young kids listening to songs based on materialism instead of songs about making a difference in the world and becoming a better person. 

Music with negative effects can make us angry easily if we listen to them consistently. This is not a good sign and you should take it seriously. I used to be like that before, and now I prefer music that stimulates my brain and plant wealth to my soul.
Lyrics become our affirmation on a daily basis. Music is our teachers who inspire us to become better and never give up on hopes and dreams. When we listen to music we become music. If we listen to sadness, we become sadness. If we listen to happiness, we surrender ourselves with happiness

We have to be careful about what we put in our subconscious mind. Our brain downloads everything we see and hear. As you listen to negative-influenced music your behavior and brain pattern start moving in the wrong direction. Intelligent music can expand our minds, and meaningless music makes us dumber. It’s incredible how music can switch our mood in an instant. 

We start daydreaming about our own fantasy surrounded by peace, love, and light, which is much need in the world right now. Music speaks out on our minds that we have trouble articulate about. When we experience death in a family or our close friend has died we start isolating ourselves from the world and listen to depressing music feeling like no one understands our pain.

If we fall in love with someone we listen to joyful songs that make us think of our crush. Music tends to make us think of our past, circumstances and specific people in our lives who have hurt us or loved ones who we are close to. We avoid specific songs because they recall the memories we try to push away. Music can either worsen our emotions or better our emotions.

If we listen to relaxation music our brain improves and we become more productive in our field because we get divine inspiration and motivation from music. Music is an alternative form of meditation, as it reduces our stress, makes us happy, and boosts our motivation. It makes us forget about everything around us. 

Music can contain high vibrations or low vibrations. I can't imagine what the world would be like if the music were useless since everyone was deaf. It’s no mystery that musicians and artists are one of the most sensitive people in the world, and they have no shame in expressing their emotions. They tend to be mostly introverts with their mind running all the time with new music ideas for their next project. They also hear music in their head that has never been created before.

Ask yourself what type of music would you like to serve your soul. Do you wanna consume dirt or seeds?

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