How To Speak Fluent English

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Many people began learning English from a very young age during their primary school. English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world because we can speak to foreign people who don't have English as their native language.

I learned to read and write in English during my school time, however, I never really learned to become fluent in English.

In this topic, I'll tell you what I did to become fluent in English and how you can become fluent too. You can use these methods for other languages as well. It doesn't have to be just English. I'll show you the steps now that will help you improve.

It’s as simple as that. I can’t stress you enough on how effective this method was for me. Start speaking with native English speakers in your local city, or create friendships with native speakers online and exchange video chat where you start a basic conversation as the first step. The more you speak, the better and fluent you become in English. I’ve done this and my English speaking improved fast in just a few years.
Read A Book
Reading an English book can help you understand a conversation and cultivate your vocabulary. Find words in the book you don’t understand and search up the meaning of it. You will be amazed at how you understand English better each day whenever you watch the TV News or talk to the native speakers. The native speakers will be mesmerized by your vocabulary. Read out loud yourself until you become comfortable speaking English.

Watch Movies
Watching countless films and TV shows have helped me pronounce words fluently in the native English way. Listen to their words and how they pronounce the words. Try to repeat it to yourself and play with it. It's fun and cultivating. If you are a movie fanatic like me, then this is a good place for you to start. Listen and repeat their way of pronunciation.

Record Yourself
I know it's scary, I get it. It was scary for me too in the beginning. We all think our own voice sounds so weird and wished we had voices like other people who are not us. I hesitated a lot when I recorded myself speaking English, and it was hard for me to listen to my own voice.

I can tell you I would become extremely agitated or overwrought and pause in the middle of the recording because I was having a hard time speaking English. I recorded myself speaking English again, and again until I got the words precise. Recording myself speaking English today has a zero effect on me now. I am no longer highly strung at all, and so will you. Get out of your comfort zone and use methods that frighten you at first.

Word of the Day
This is an effective, useful method to expand and cultivate your vocabulary in English. Find 1 new word every day and research the meaning of the word. You can find apps, that let you learn a new word every day.

The Mirror Technique
Speaking to yourself in the mirror helps you greatly improve your speaking level, and it's a way to become a good public speaker. Use body language while speaking to yourself in the mirror, until you become confident. It's a great bonus since motivational speakers use this method right before they are giving a lecture or speech.
These are the steps that helped me, and I hope you can use them for good.

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