My Vegan Diet Experience

I have known about veganism since 2012 when I saw a YouTube video of an animal activist named Gary Yourofsky speaking about animal rights.

As I watched his lecture on Youtube called “The Greatest Speech You’ll Ever Hear” I had been taught about the animal cruelty in a way I never knew before. His speeches were thought-provoking, mind-blown with harsh truth and I listened to every word of him.

I became a vegan for a week after I saw his speech. The diet didn’t last long, because I didn’t have all the resources to stick to a vegan diet, and there weren’t many vegan alternatives back then.
Instead, I became a vegetarian for 1 year before going back to meat then I went back to the vegan diet for 2 months in 2015 and back to eat meat again. It has become a long journey for me to commit to the vegan diet.
My diet went back and forth for a couple of years until I committed to my vegan diet seriously at the beginning of January 2018. Here are some of the ways a vegan diet changed me.

Increased Energy
The first thing I noticed was my energy level increased after I converted to the vegan diet. I used to be tired after consuming meat and dairy products, but after becoming vegan I would still have energy after eating a wholly plant-based diet and my energy has improved remarkably.

Slept Better
I always had trouble sleeping before. It would take me a couple of hours before I fell asleep and it drove me crazy.
After becoming vegan I fall asleep immediately with no problem and sleep up to 8 hours. It’s amazing how a plant-based diet has such a positive effect on people.

I Feel Happier
Eating a pure, clean diet has increased my happiness and self-love. I wouldn’t say the vegan diet is the cure for symptoms like depression, but it definitely gives you the extra boost of happiness and self-love that you need. The diet has helped me create a closer bond to the Earth and become grounded.

Less Guilty Feeling
I have almost zero guilty feelings because I know for a fact I didn’t support the meat and dairy industry by paying them for harming innocent animals that didn’t ask to die. To me, it means I made a positive change for the animals and the environment.
I used a vegan calculator, that shows you how many animals lives you’ve saved.

Being vegan for 8 months means I have saved:
240 Animal lives
264,000 Gallons of water
9,600 lbs of grain
7,200 of Forest
4,800 lbs of Co2

Glowing Skin
I used to have breakouts when I consume dairy. I did some study and found out consuming dairy is linked to acne. My skin became tight and clean. However, I would still get small breakouts. Being vegan doesn’t mean your acne-issues has gone for good. Acne is known to be linked with stress.
Overall it has been much easier to become vegan than the last couple of years for me. There are more alternatives for cheese, egg, milk, meat and classic recipes like macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, lasagna, pizza - the list goes on.

I personally think the plant-based meals have much of a fresher taste which I like than the meat-based meals.
It’s up to people what diet they wanna convert to. I personally decide to become vegan, because I have seen an immense change in my body and mind. Food has the power to change peoples health, body and mind. The fruits and vegetables contain high vibrations. I think meat and dairy contain low vibrations, because the animal's pain, trauma, anxiety, fear, and sadness still carries on in the meat that we consume every day. I believe the animal's negative emotions transfer into our bodies when we kill them for meat and dairy.

I’ll continue consuming the wholely plant-based diet for my health, animals and the environment. I feed my stomach with colorful rainbows than turning my internal stomach into a mass grave.

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