The London Experience

Doing things for the first time on your own can be a scary thought. Least it did for me. I have traveled to other countries with my family or school. Never on my own. I didn’t know how to book a ticket and a hostel by myself. No one has taught me to do so. At the age of 23, I felt ready yet unready to travel on my own. I decided to make a goal to travel on my own with a friend.

It was just the two of us. I booked the ticket and hostel for the very first time, and I had to double check EVERYTHING before completing the booking. Everything had to be accurate. No mistake, and no errors. For others, it’s probably very foolish of me to say this as traveling is nothing for them because they have traveled a lot in their life and gained experience from the trips. I haven’t yet, at that time.

Where was my travel destination?


It has been my dream for two years to travel to London and see the things I dreamt of seeing: The Peter Pan Statue, Kensington Garden, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Borough Marketplace, and Big Ben, which was under reconstruction. Big disappointment, but I didn’t let that ruin my trip.
I finally booked the plane tickets and the hostel a month before the trip. It was way out of my comfort zone, but I did it finally. A big change evolved in me.

A month later on June 11 was the day I had to visit London for the first time! My friend and I meet at the airport at 5 AM. It was 2 hours before the flight took off. We went through check-ins and security. As the flight finally took off I had a thrilling feeling inside of me. I was on my own. No family or school. Just me and a friend. It was a feeling of accomplishment and proud-of-myself moment.

The flight lasted 2 hours. We landed at London Stansted Airport and went through the passport. The bus waited for us to transfer us to central London. The bus ride lasted 1 hour.
As we finally entered our feet in Central London I was in awe and amazed. It felt surrealistic to me. The skyscrapers almost blinded me into thinking I was in New York City. It was Central London and I was blown away. I fell in love with the city immediately despite it being an expensive city to live in.

The trip was only 3 days. Short but we got to see so much in 3 days. It will not be my last time visiting London.
Now I will show you what I have seen in London
The first day of the trip we went to see the London Eye, which was much bigger in real life than on the pictures I have seen of the London Eye. It cost 26£ to take a ride on the London Eye. To me, the ticket is quite expensive for a 45 minutes ride. We took a break once in a while.
When I saw The Tower Bridge, it was like seeing two toy buildings. They were in beautiful design and elegant to look at.
We only saw a sneak peek of Big Ben, as it was under construction. It was a big letdown of my trip, but it is what it is. The construction will be completed in 2020.
We walked around central London throughout the first day so you can guess we were completely exhausted when we came back to our hostel.
The 2nd day we went to Madame Tussauds and it was nothing like I have seen before, as we don’t have Madame Tussade in my country. We did, but it got closed years ago and I never got to see it.
I took plenty of pictures with the “celebrities” and they looked very much real as if they looked straight into my eyes. That is the closest thing to get near a celebrity.
Later that day we went to the Kensington Garden to visit the 270 acres area of the garden and see the statue I have been long waited to see: The Peter Pan Statue. I have never seen a delicate, elegant, and graceful statue as the Peter Pan statue.

To our unexpected discovery, we saw people feeding parakeets in the garden. We had no seeds so we asked some kind ladies if we could have a handful of seeds to feed the lovely parakeets.

We saw the Buckingham Palace and ended our 2nd day by eating at the Subway. No, I am not sponsoring their brand.
The 3rd and last day of the trip I truly didn’t want to end the trip and go back.
The last hours were spent on visiting The Abbey Road, where the Beatles had their “Abbey Road” album taken.
The employers at our hostel said there was nothing to see there. I did not agree with that. When we came to the destination I decided to take some pictures of Abbey Road. A man approached me telling me to be careful with my phone because people on the scooter would grab peoples phone on the street. I did not know that, but I was glad this kind man warned me.
There was road work at The Abbey Road but the workers allowed my friend and I to take some quick pictures. It was unreal to stay at the same spot as the legends once marked their feet on.
Later on, we went to another destination that I was dying to see. The Platform 9 1/3. When we came to King’s Cross Station there was a long line of people waiting to take a picture of themselves at Platform 9 1/3. It took 20 minutes before it was my turn.
My childhood came into reality! I got my photo taken and kept it ever since. It was one of my favorite moment of the trip together with the Peter Pan Statue.
Now, what have I gained from this trip?
I have learned to become independent in a whole new way. I observed some of the British cultures. I felt rejuvenated from the trip and the trip helped me mature and grow. I was distracted by my personal life and became more open-minded to new cultures and countries. I have learned to prefer traveling over buying products, because why?
Products are temporary, but traveling to a new country is a lifetime memory that is stuck in your mind for the rest of your life. Traveling restarts your mind and you become more productive in your workplace and school. My passion is to travel to other countries and see the world with different eyes.
Sometimes we feel bad for spending our money on traveling until we came back home from a trip. I didn’t regret for a single moment at all. I had no guilt-feeling.

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