The Present Moment

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We are extremely worried and stressed about our future and stuck on our outdated past which is no longer part of our present moment. We’ve achieved this belief-system from our childhood through the adults in our lives.

As we are born into the world, we come living in the present moment until adults “force” us to move out of The Present House.

We were told to think about what we want to be in the future. We grow up feeling pressured to get the education and the job as quickly as possible. Our families push us to get married and start our own families before the age of 30. We allow our prefrontal cortex to plan our next step, goal, task, and future that we never pay attention to the only moment we have: The divine, present moment.

You can always move back to The Present House.

Animals and children are better at living in the present moment than adult humans because their awareness is timeless with no past content to disturb their inner peace, tranquility, and calmness.
We get so stuck on the past and the future that we never fully live our lives as we should. The truth is no one really knows what they want to be when they become adults. We have been taught to fixate, subconsciously on our future and past.

We continue to live in our past and future even as we go to bed at night, hoping to rest our mind but the future and past still fill our head, if we don’t control what we feed our thoughts.

What about the now?

We have neglected the present moment which is where we only truly need to live. The divine, beauty of this life. Time didn’t exist until man created time.

When we live in the present, we become aware of our surroundings and recall back what it’s like to be in the divine, present moment that fills us with love and compassion.

Past and future don’t exist right now in our life, only the present moment.

Remember there is a difference between planning ahead in the future, and being stuck in the future that we cannot fully enjoy the present moment.

Stop waiting for things to happen, when it doesn’t go as planned and let go of everything you can’t control right now. Surrender yourself to the present moment where time is non-existent. Think straight ahead if you wanna become successful, but remember to stay in the divine moment.

Meditation is a useful tool to use if you wanna practice living in the present. Take a walk outside in nature or a local park and look at how life is moving in front of your unfiltered eyes. Listen to the sound of the rain, that helps us calm our spirit.
Being in the present means to be actually alive and live while we are on this planet for a short time. Life moves fast if we don’t embrace the Great Now.

I wish I knew this when I was younger.

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