Treat Yourself During Fall With These 7 Tips

Source of image: Pexels

The summer is coming to an end and many won't get sunburnt in a while, which is great. The fall is approaching us very soon and many of us are very excited about this lovely, upcoming season. Are you excited? There is so much to do during the fall. The trees become orange and the leaves fell quicker than we thought. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons because it’s not either too cold or too hot. The autumn is being said to begin on September 1st in the Gregorian calendar or on September 23rd in the astronomical calendar.

The autumn flies fast so let’s enjoy it while it’s here.
I'll be sharing you 7 relaxing, ritual routines during the upcoming fall, which I apply to my own routines.
Here they are.

1. Halloween tart
I LOVE eating Halloween tart during the fall. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it before. It’s my all-time favorite during the fall, I’ve to be honest. So treat yourself with some delicious Halloween tart and watch your favorite movies with family or friends. Decorate your tart with toppings is an extra bonus.

2. Autumn outfit
If you are into fashion, then I suggest blending more into the autumn season by going out and spoil yourself with some new autumn-themed clothing. Wearing newly, fresh sweaters makes me feel warm, confident and relaxed. Go get some new boots and rock the day! Who doesn’t want to spoil themselves once in a while?

3. Hot chocolate
I do this all the time. There is nothing more relaxing and comfy than ending your day with a delicious, hot chocolate in a pretty mug! Add whipped cream to it and extra decoration toppings. Have fun with it and use your creativity! I can’t go without the sweet, hot chocolate.

4. A walk in nature
Take a walk in nature and surrender yourself to the beautiful, autumn foliage around you! Build up a leaf pile by raking the leaves and jump onto it! Play with the leaves and have your friends join. There is nothing wrong with being a kid once in a while and have fun together like the good, old days.

5. Room decoration
Do you want to be extra creative? Decor your room with beautiful lights and (authentic) orange leaves on your walls. Place pumpkins everywhere in your room as you’d like. Change your bed sheets and curtain into an orange color or other fall-themed textures. Have fun with it! It gives your room a cozy, fall atmosphere and blends more in the season.

6. Read a book
I love to spend my free time reading a book during the fall with a cup of chamomile tea. If you’re a proud bookworm like me, this would fit you. Grab a book in the library or from your bookcase. Start reading and dive into another world of wonders and magic. Enjoy the adventure.

7. Watch movies
Cover yourself with blankets and watch your favorite movies with your friends, family and loved ones. The best movie genres to watch during autumn are family movies and comedies. Crack some laughter and share popcorns with those around you. Buy snacks and candies likes pumpkin spies oreo, chips, smarties, and sweet tarts. Perhaps light up a candle to light up the autumn spirit.

These are my self-care tips in the midst of fall. Did you like what you read? I hope you found the tips useful and feel free to share with other fall-enthusiasts like me!

What’s your favorite self-care tips during the fall? Let me know below.


  1. my best picks are 2 5 and 7. real makes me excited. :)

  2. It is indeed important to treat yourself. Great ideas!


  3. Great post!! I definitely all for the autumn outfit and hot chocolate!!! I'm so excited for Fall ❤