What Do Women Find Attractive In A Man? 20 Women Answered the Question

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What do women find appealing in a man? How can a man win a lady's heart? I asked 20 women this question, and each one of them has shared their opinion on how they go head over heels for a high-quality, appealing man. 

No answers are correct, as every woman has a different taste in men when it comes to personality and appearance. Even some men wonder what makes them attractive to women.

I'll share the 20 women's answers to this interesting question that I gave them.

“What I find attractive in a man is what I see in my fiancĂ©. Humour is a HUGE thing for me! A man that can make me laugh is the one!”
Romany, 19.

“I find a silent but determined man. attractive. I’m a sapiosexual and a sensible man who knows his thing and goes for it is what I want. He is the man who is determined enough to make impossibilities possible. He is after for continuing growth and development, and rest assured, I will always be his number one supporter. I got his back. “
Cha, 25.

“Personally an attractive man to me is friendly and down to earth regardless of his good family background or how successful in his career. Being smart and mature in handling matters especially difficult situations and with a sense of humor. He appreciates his own life and work hard towards achieving his goals set. With healthy and suntanned skin tone would be an added point for me. “
Sienny, 28.

“Men who smile and make jokes. If a man makes me laugh or smile, then he has my heart.”
Alba, 22.

“His respectful manners like opening the door to a woman or look at her when she is speaking and giving her the attention for all the small things that matter to her even if it doesn't to him.”
Marina, 20.

“What I find attractive in a man is his strength on all levels, mental, physical, spiritual. I need this to be in the heart because it’s a part of being able to change and I love a versatile man. It’s great if he’s also in tune with his feminine nature which is being kind and caring. It’s great if he likes nature too. I need a guy who can relax every now and then and have fun. “
Cassandra, 23.

“Someone who can make me laugh, and is sensitive to the feelings of myself AND others. Someone who just wants to smile, laugh and have fun. Someone who wants to see the world and experience it all. And someone who has a great work ethic, and is inspired."
Alexander, 31.

“He needs to have a sense of humor, taller than me, a guy who can handle getting his hands dirty doing manly things, like fixing stuff around the house. Got to be snuggly and affectionate loves to be immature at times, but can also act like an adult when need to be. Positive, and confident. “
Serena, 26.

“It’s his ability to honestly laugh at life without ridicule. His ability to treat and talk to children as people, and just to throw it in there: his eyes and if he loves the outdoors. “
Cassie, 33.

“I am looking for a guy who can keep promises. Shows me that I mean something to him. Someone who will accept me for who I am as well as my job. Forgives me when I make mistakes and finds ways to make me smile. “
Heather, 21.

“What I always try to find in a man is his smile, eyes, and also his mouth, but the most important is personality and intelligence. He can be handsome but if he doesn’t have intelligence I won't like him.”
Fabiola, 22

“The smile and the way that he looks to the things that he is passionate about. Also, I find attractive in a man who likes kids and animals. A man who is himself, sincere. I'm interested in a man when he has a good conversation, make me laugh and loves traveling and being curious. A man with goals. I haven't got a man type, the appearance doesn't matter very much (maybe only taller than me)“
Marta, 25.

“At first glance what attracts me the most about a man is his eyes and his voice but I think the most important thing for me is his intelligence and his way of expressing himself. "The physicist attracts but of a brilliant mind you do not lose or close your eyes"
Isabel, 19.

“For his physical appearance, I find that a tall, fit man with good muscles and a beard is very attractive. But of course his height, eye color, beard, or perfume don't attract me as much as his attitude. It’s the way he treats his family and friends, and his personality. The ultimate attractive man to me is the one who has morals, who knows his religion so well, who is decent and gentle and of course who has a good sense of humor.”
Donia, 22.

“He is attentive and affectionate, but zero cloying. That they are also smart men that makes them even more attractive compared to a tall, dark, cute smile and nothing chauvinistic.”
Shirley, 24.

“A man who should be respectful, spontaneous, funny, taller than me, smart because I like to talk about many topics haha. And obviously, be a romantic lover.”
Carla, 24.

“The first thing that attracts me to a man is his perfume. Then his style, personality, confidence, hair, smile, muscles, height, beard, and same interest. It’s how he treats other ladies with respect.”
Lora, 24.

“I think I am attached to the importance of responsibility, sense of humor, the same values. Appreciating each other, broad knowledge and learning the ability.”
Cindy, 21.

“He has to be confident, it shows me that I can trust his actions. He has to be funny and have good social values. What I find attractive is their personality and that he makes me feel unique and special.“
Rose, 21.

“A man who is honest, funny and makes me smile. Someone who tries to understand me and enjoys listening to me It is too important to feel confident, comfortable and be with a person I can trust. Someone who enjoys doing fun things like going to the beach, see a great movie, sing, dance or whatever thing. And smells so good. “
Paola, 21.

These were the answers given to me by the 20 women describing their ideal, attractive man. I hope their responses have benefited you with some type of answers.