11 People Shared Their Embarrassing Stories

Have you ever been haunted by your embarrassing moments and wanted to hide your face for the rest of your life and never show up again? Our embarrassing moments can either make us laugh or make us blush out of embarrassment. We've all had embarrassing memories in our lives. It's not always we feel like sharing it with other people but ourselves. I've got this funny idea to ask people if they wanted to share their embarrassing story with me so I could share it with the rest of the world. I asked 11 people and here are their stories.

“In high school, I wanted to wear my mom's boots because they matched my shirt. I went to school with them. Later in the morning, I realized the shoes had a funny smell like cheese (my mom's feet stink sometimes) and I was scared others could smell them. I didn’t want to go to classes because they were so long and I had to tuck my feet under my chair. A girl was like “what smells like cheese?”. I just kept my feet tucked in until class ended. I told my old best friend about it and she laughed. “

“A piece of my skirt was smashed after I had been to dormitory washroom. I first knew that when I went to the subway station for half hours and someone told me about it.
I felt like dying.”

“In 3rd grade, I was putting my booking bag in the closet until someone closed the door on me. It was open from outside so I was in the closet in the classroom in the dark. I started pushing and pushing and then I started to cry when the teacher started the class. Suddenly one of my classmates heard me and opened the door and the whole class laughed. “

“When I started my career I met a man so handsome and he was from England. He was older than me but I met him in the office so I smiled at him and he smiled back. I felt so happy. After that, I was in my classroom and he arrived and introduced himself as my teacher. It was so embarrassing.”

“When I was a teenager I walked and someone passed by me. They stared weirdly at me and I was wondering why. Until I smelt a weird smell. I found out the feces of a bird were on my shoulder. I ran as fast as I could on my way home.”

“In high school, there was a math class. I wasn't good at math so I usually feel sleepy during the class. Once I almost fell asleep and the teacher asked me to answer the question, and I didn't wake up. So I cleaned the whole blackboard. It took my math teacher 40 minutes to write those questions and formula. I cleaned them up in 2 minutes “

"It was my first date with a boy and at the end of the day I really wanted to pee, there was nothing open. I had to pee in the street while he watched that nobody came."

“I was on the stage in front of around 300 people, including this guy I was crushing on and wanted to impress. During the play, some of us had to sit cross-legged on the floor for a long period of time, and I began to get "pins and needles" in my feet (a loss of circulation). My turn came to play my acting role, but when I stood up, to my horror, my feet wouldn't move. I lost control of them and fell flat on my face, right in front of all that hall full of people.
I tried to get up and still couldn't move. I had to drag myself off the stage. The whole hall exploded with laughter. Everyone around me was doubled up, except for my furious teacher. My face burned with shame and my friends teased me for days after that.”

“One time I got hit by a volleyball. it was in high school. For the gym, we had to do different activities, and for two weeks we played volleyball. The thing is, I am horrible at playing volleyball, and everyone else in my class was on the volleyball team. When I was in front of the net, the girl on the other side spiked the ball and it hit my face. I couldn’t see anything for a while, but when I opened my eyes I saw everyone laughing and asking if I was okay. I haven’t played volleyball since then “

“I got stung by a bee in my butt at Geography class at high school. I had to take off my trousers in front of the WHOLE class. I can still remember everyone laughing their heads off while I am running around the class screaming in pain. I don’t know how the bee got in there but it was an absolutely humiliating situation. I wanted the ground to swallow me up at the time. The whole class kept teasing me about it until I graduated high school.”

“I was walking through the mountain until I arrived in a woody, narrow stairs so we had to walk in line. It was my turn to go down, I walked few steps and then suddenly I slipped and fell on a really silly way, then I got up again as if anything happened, I walked few steps and down again I slipped away and fell on the same way, I couldn't stop until 3 steps.
I caused a little "traffic jam".
To get the things worse I had my pants and jacket wet. Fortunately, they were black so it wasn't so remarkable.”
Which one was your favorite embarrassing story? Did you like them all? Have you experienced something embarrassing, if so feel free to share it on the comment below.

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