What Makes A Woman Girlfriend-Material? 21 Men Have Come Up With Their Own Answer

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In one of my older posts, I've been asking girls what they find attractive in a man aka what makes a guy boyfriend/husband material. I've decided to ask the opposite sex the same question. What makes a woman girlfriend/wife material? What do GUYS find attractive in a woman without it being physically? It's interesting for women like me to see men's perspective of an ideal girlfriend/woman. What kind of woman do men want in their life? I've thought of bringing this topic for a while and decided to take action on it.

What Makes A Woman Girlfriend-Material?

Here is the men's answer to the question!

"I think men want someone to be vulnerable and open around without fear of being judged for it. I think they want someone peaceful and open-minded, who’s kind and fun to be around, but most importantly I think they want a genuine best friend who they can love."
Jordan, 21.

"A girl with a good head on her shoulders. Very smart, can think outside the box. Adventurous. Kind and thoughtful."
Chris, 23.

"Someone you can spend time with, be yourself, talk to, be sincere with."
Adam, 28.

“I woman who puts effort into the growth of something. A career, hobby, etc. I’m not too fond of the physical much although that’s important as well. Personal growth is also a must. “
Darvin, 26.

"She needs to have a good sense of humor. If she doesn’t have a good sense of humor, then gloomy days may be ahead. But if she does have a great sense of humor, then the chances are high that the future with her is going to be full of fun and laughs, which makes her great girlfriend material!"
Samuel, 23.

"I would say that it’s very important to have a partner who is on equal standing as I am, socially and economically. That way it’s a more symmetrical relationship. I would have a hard time respecting someone who doesn’t work as hard as me or isn’t as motivated as I am. Overall just having self-respect and not lowing your standards to be in a relationship should be a top priority."
John, 33.

"I think what makes a woman girlfriend-material excluding physical features is their personality. I like women who like to be adventurous, spontaneous, have a great sense of humor, is trustworthy and caring. Honestly, it’s very similar to the traits I look for in my friends."
Jordan, 28.

"Don’t be an angry person. Be loyal to me and she has her own opinion without being rude. I’d like her to not stay in contact with ex-boyfriends. I want someone who is kind to me and others. Someone who can express her feelings to me and not have too many partners. Someone who doesn’t go to clubs and has a hobby outside our relationship. A smile goes a long way."
Michael, 24.

"Attentive, respectful, wise, compassionate and someone who makes you feel special."
Pierre, 24.

"A woman who cooks cleans and is pleasant to be with."
John, 26.

"What characteristics I love the most are her humor, life is better when you're able to laugh, in good and bad situations! Maturity, acting like a responsible adult. Lastly, honesty and moral values, if I can't trust her 100% then it will not work out. Not to mention her being very feminine." 
Cameron, 23.

"I think what makes a woman girlfriend material is being someone you can love, who are themselves around you, open and honest and who you can turn to as a friend."
Adam, 24.

"She should have a desire to explore and continue learning about the world. We share passions and she supports me like I support her. Finally, she is willing to be vulnerable and not be afraid of who she is with me. "
Nick, 23.

"I believe what makes a woman "girlfriend-material" is the ability to display interest in their partner. Not just in their hobbies but also in their thought process and routine.
The ability to recognize when their partner is trying to take interest in them."
Erik, 23.

"A woman that's Godly minded, humble, sense of humor, respectful, has integrity, has ethics, hard worker, strong, empathetic, enjoy learning, willing to work with me as my equal, and understanding."
David, 29.

"Girlfriend-material to me is the ability to be progressive, but not afraid of "gender roles". Like every now and then the girl should get the check in the restaurant. I would say; she doesn't find it demeaning to split the cooking/cleaning household chores with her significant other."
Noah, 22.

"It's simple for me. 1+1=3. My girlfriend or wife should make me better than who I am. Not worse. Together we should be stronger than alone."
Christopher, 28.

"She has to be very understanding of their partner's needs and wants. Caring, attentive. Someone who you can have an awesome conversation with."
Ricky, 24.

"Naturally, just like anyone, I would want a woman to be attractive physically to me personally. I also would want a woman with similar goals such as to get married and have children eventually. I would want someone who doesn't judge me for my profession. I would want someone who shares similar interests so that we could spend more time together. I would want a woman who is strong and independent yet humble enough to be willing to accept help. But above all else, I would want someone honest and dependable as well as kind not only to me but to others."
Jimmy, 27.

"I prefer women who know what the want and how they want things to be, as opposed to being wishy-washy and vague. I like women with a sense of humor and women who think practically and plan ahead for the future. My ideal woman is one who is open to different perspectives, and also willing to try new things."
Angelo, 22.

"I think what makes a woman girlfriend material is if she has a genuine interest in me. If she actually sees me as her best friend and is willing to fall deeper in love with me every day. But, what I find extremely beautiful is if she allows me to be completely vulnerable and open with her. Throughout society, people expect me to tuff just because I'm a man and that can be very difficult and painful at times. If she can understand that and allow me to cry on her shoulder just like I let her, that'st truly special."
Joseph, 21.

What do you think of the men's reply to the question? Do you resonate with their opinion? What's your opinion? Let me know what makes a woman girlfriend material for you!

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