How To Have Clean Skin With 9 Steps

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Having breakouts can get in our nerves, especially if we get breakouts before an important event or plan. We feel like we’ve tried everything and nothing works out. So what should we do after we’ve tried everything? I struggle with this too sometimes and I’ll give you my best tip and advice on how to get a clean skin.

We are what we eat. Eat unhealthy, dirty food and you’ll get dirty breakouts physically. Eat clean, balanced food and you'll get a clean skin in balance. I am vegan, so I consume a lot of veggies and fruits. Keep in mind that consuming a healthy diet is not the only solution for a clean skin. I’ll get to that to the next step.

If you don't change your pillow sheets once a week then it can cause breakouts because we leave hairs and bacteria on our pillow sheets every day without knowing it. Try your best to wash your pillow sheets once a week. Clean environment results in clean skin, I would say.

Just. Do. It. Drink 1 liter of water a day. If that’s too overwhelming for you at first, then drink 2 glass of water a day to warm up the challenge. I prefer to drink water after it has been filtered because it tastes so clean and pure. Get your filtered water here.

The more you meditate and master the stillness the higher your vibration will increase thus the more your skin will shine and glow on the outside. Meditation helps us to make us feel happier so the happier you are the more glow will be seen on your face. Stress is a huge cause of breakouts and pimples, so meditating decreases the breakouts and pimples.

This is my personal clean-skin-smoothie which I call it. I would drink a green smoothie every day just for the sake of my skin and it’s a great detox recipe for your body. The number one you need is a blender mix to make a green smoothie. I recommend this great blender from Amazon, which is a very well known blender product to mix anything you want from sauces, smoothies, "vegan meat", and so on. Look up green smoothie recipes on Google and you’ll find plenty of great, green smoothie recipes to try and decide which smoothie you prefer to drink. If you are a bookworm, then take a look at this amazing, smoothie recipe book

You wake up with dirt and bacteria on your skin. Start the day off by washing your face with cold water thoroughly and wash your face in the evening to get rid of all the dirt that’s been on your skin the whole day.

I use a cleansing brush as my daily routine to brush my skin with a cleanser product so my skin can feel smooth and soft. I truly love the softness of my skin after using a cleansing brush. Use it in the morning and evening. Just remember to clean your brush after using it, because cleanser brush has leftovers of dirt and oil.

I start and end my day off by using a toner to get remove all the micro-bacteria and dirt that we can’t see. I’ve never used a toner until last year when I got recommended to use a toner by a beauty employer from Bodyshop. It has helped in making my skin feel clean and soft. Ever since using a Vitamin C serum, my skin has boosted and received a beautiful softness to my face, which makes me feel beautiful.

I am being serious. If you are on a budget then do this. Shower your face with pure, cold water because it's an amazing tool to prevent your skin from getting breakouts and pimples. I have done this for a while and didn’t get any pimples for a while. It helps in closing the pores so your skin can feel fresh for a longer time period. It makes your body clean from the inside out. My skin looks 100x better after doing it.

Hope you have found these tips useful and do not be discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Do these steps consistently and routinely if you wanna get effective result.


  1. These are great tips. I have to implement more into my routine

  2. Hi Suzan! These are some great tips! I hadn't thought about having a cold shower before. Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. Helpful tips . Thanks for sharing