The Impressive Benefits of Rosemary Oil

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I've been doing some research on the benefits of the rosemary herb and how it's good for people to be used.

About the rosemary
The rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) is a healing herb and originates from the Mediterranean area. The herb has been used for centuries as food and medicine. The herb is part of the mint family called the Lamiaceae together with other herbs like oregano, basil, lavender, thyme.

What makes the rosemary good for us?
The rosemary can be found in essential oils, which can be used for cooking, beauty, cleansing, health and more. It contains a rich source of calcium, Vitamin B6, and iron. Keep in mind that overdosing a high consumption of the herb can cause coma, vomiting, spasm, and pulmonary edema, where the lungs will be filled with fluids. Taking the rosemary herb in a low dose is safe.

It's not recommended and advisable for pregnant women to intake supplemental rosemary, as it may cause miscarriage.

It’s an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agent. The rosemary contains a big amount of antioxidants. It improves the immune system and slows the metabolism.

It’d a very sacred and important herb in Ancient Greek and Egypt. People use rosemary oil to increase their memory and mind. The plant lives up to 2 years and can be used for cooking.

The beneficial list of using Rosemary Oil:

Enhancing the memory
Rosemary oil can be used to increase our long-term memory. It’s known to enhance our memory loss as we grow older. It’s wonderful to know herbs like this can work like magic for our brain. It helps people’s alertness to become boosted.

Even the greatest writer William Shakespeare has said the same thing in his work on Ophelia’s line in Hamlet;

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember.” - Hamlet.

Good for the skin
The antioxidant in the essential oil is an amazing tool to improve the quality of the skin. It has a powerful anti-aging effect and good for blemish skin.
It also helps to reduce the under-eye puffiness and promotes the circulation of your skin until it glows.

Hair growth
Is rosemary oil good for the hair? Definitely
The oil makes the hair thick and shiny. It stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp, which helps prevent baldness, promote hair growth, and decrease gray hair. It had richness in the nutritional value.
It’s good to relieve itchiness, dryness, and dandruff. Add 6 drops of rosemary oil on your hair and massage your scalp before washing your hair.

Reduces stress
The rosemary oil extract can decrease our stress level, calm our nerves, and relax our muscles. It is useful to maintain and lower the stress level by producing carnosic acid in the body. High cortisol is linked to stress, so if you just smell the rosemary herb it will lower the cortisol level, which decreases our stress.

Pain relief
The rosemary oil has the ability to soothe and alleviate the pain and inflammation and it works wonders to treat problems such as arthritis, muscle pains, and headaches. The oil is a good option for treating your symptoms and you can apply the oil on painful areas as it will calm the pain quickly. A very useful and good tool for arthritis patients.

Ever been tired of indigestions, constipation, stomach cramps, flatulence, and bloating? With the rosemary oil, it's a gas-relieving herb that has the high quality of treating these issues. It's a common issue in the United States. Rosemary oil can be used as a detoxification tool for our liver.

The essential oil is an impressive disinfectant for people. It's an alternative mouthwash if you go for natural or home remedies. It's a very good remedy for removing our bad breath, bacteria, and any gingivitis, cavities, and so on.

Mental clarity
The oil is very powerful to maintain your brain to work clear and faster while reducing the exhaustion you suffer from emotionally and mentally. It helps in boosting your emotion, concentration, and focus if you have problems as being confused, dizzy, indecisive, and overwhelmed. Apply the oil on your hands and rub it as you smell the scent of the rosemary oil. You will feel clear within a minute of smelling it.

Quick conclusion
I have my own rosemary oil which I find useful and beneficial. Remember that instant results won't appear overnight. Be consistent with the routine until you notice the improving result. As I know it's not safe to digest undiluted, essential rosemary oil in your mouth. I am in no way a doctor or expert. I'm only telling you my experience from it.


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