How Does Greasy Food Effect Our Body?

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We’ve had junk food presented to us since we were small kids. Why do we get addicted to greasy food? Do we do it for survival or pleasure? The act of eating greasy food has mostly to do with our satisfaction, pleasure, and habits. We enjoy eating food with good flavor.

Eating food in this modern time has less anything to do with survival as it did in ancient times and more to do with our pleasure, ego, and dopamine.

But don’t we ever listen to what our body feels and wants? Are we so fed up by our ego that we constantly eat junk foods that obviously cause harm to our bodies? So why don’t we do anything to stop this?

I know why. The reason is Addiction.
If we consume greasy, junk food in our daily practice we become junk food addicts. We can become addicted to anything like coffee, sugar, tobacco, computer, video games, and yes even LOVE. The list goes on.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be drugs only. Anything we can’t let go of is an addiction. Do we gain good benefits from it or no benefits from it? It’s strange how unhealthy food is inexpensive, easily available while healthy foods are expensive.

We eat too much and move too little. Junk food is junk. Healthy food is healthy.
Junk food is a bad addiction that harms our bodies as the years go by. Junk food is a huge part in the western culture and their harsh motto should be called
“Live Happily. Die young.”

Back to the topic
Junk, greasy food has excess fat, cholesterol, salt, and carbohydrates. If we consume an extreme amount of greasy food we will increase the metabolic factors which have a high risk of heart disease. Junk food triggers high cholesterol and triglyceride level that increases heart disease.
Colorectal cancer and greasy food have a connection as a high consumption of greasy food leads to a high chance of getting colorectal cancer.

Greasy food gives us dopamine and pleasure but has low proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates that we need to gain a high level of energy during the day. This is why you feel chronically fatigued and drugged after eating a big portion of junk food.

Digestion and memory impairment plays a part in our life if we consume greasy food daily.
For digestion impairment: You will experience issues such as reflux, stomach pain, cramps, ulcer, constipation, and diarrhea.

What about obesity?
Obesity is a huge, worldwide problem when it comes to junk food. Junk food contains a high amount of cholesterol and low in nutrition. There are likely any minerals and vitamins in junk food which is important for our bodies. Greasy food has high sugar and fat.

Childhood obesity is problematic for our kids but it’s the adults' responsibility for what they give to their child. We need to teach our kids about a good, nutritional diet from the day they were born otherwise when the kids become adults it would be difficult for them to change their diet due to their learned habits.

Dirt food gives dirt skin texture. A high level of fat and sugar causes acne.
Acne is linked to junk food but acne is also linked to other habits than junk food.
The cause of acne stems from internally since acne appears from inside-out. The internal cause can be such as stress and junk food. What happens inside our body reflects on our outer body such as our skin.

Detox your body and give it some rest.
Cut down your high consumption of greasy food day by day and add more vegetables and fruits to your balanced diet. Think clearly about what you let in your body. Listen to what your body tells you. Take good care of your body like you would take good care of your child. Don’t abuse your body with the food it doesn’t need. Think twice.

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