How To Get Over A Guy Who Doesn’t Deserve You

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We fall for someone and see them as picture-perfect until we find out they aren’t meant for us and doesn’t love us the same way as we do. What happens then? We experience the most intense emotion. We cry till our mascara runs down. We get caught off guard, hurt and disappointed. We hide from the world and feel as if we aren’t good enough. We don’t understand why the guy doesn’t feel the same way. We start to torture ourselves. We feel desperate, heartbroken, low, depressed, smoking and drinking ourselves to death. We feel completely and utterly messed up. Why? Because rejection destroys us and we don't know how to react to rejection. We feel invincible and unimportant. It's like a knife has stabbed the core of our vulnerable heart.

The truth is we can’t control how people should feel about us.

They aren’t meant for us because there is a better guy out there with better qualities waiting for us.

See this as a lesson learned.

Why let a guy ruin our whole day and have so much power over us?
The guy is probably living his life right now, while you are in bed crying and overthinking.
Do you think this is fair for you?
Not at all, you should live your life as you always did before you met the guy.
Stay consistent in the daily routine before you met the guy.
It can become extremely difficult to get over a guy who isn’t good for us because we don’t know yet how to move on.

I’ll show you tips and advice on how to get over a guy who doesn’t deserve you.

1. CRY
Cry it out. If you feel like crying then cry until you aren't able to cry anymore. See this as a self-healing process where you detox yourself emotionally and cleanse your inner sadness out. 
Don’t cry for the rest of your life, because that’s a love-sickness which isn't good for your health.

You’re torturing yourself by staying in your bed all day thinking about why it didn’t work out and why he wasn’t good enough for you. He is probably busy with his life right now while you’re crying. Don’t let him hold you back and control you like that. Take your power back by being active as you always did.

I don’t care about the good times you both had. Stop making excuses as to why he is good enough and pick out the tiny good qualities he has. If a guy REALLY loves you he would be by your door right now and hang out with you on a daily basis. There is plenty of fish in the sea and you WILL find someone who wants you for who you truly are. You deserve better and you know it. We should listen to our hearts sometimes, but not when it’s being naive like this. That’s where your brain should tell your heart; “You’re wrong.”

We are so good at seeing the good in other people, that we forget about ourselves. Why don’t we put ourselves first? We are our own best friend and first lover. Love yourself so much that no one can break your self-esteem. Take a notebook or tell yourself mentally what you love about yourself. This is a way to build your self-value up and improve your self-esteem.

Accept what has happened and let go of it. We don’t always have control over what happens in our life, but we can control how we react to the problems we face. The best way to not get hurt again is to not expect anything which works in preventing us from getting disappointed again. We get hurt and disappointed because we expect too much from someone.

This distracts you from the guy who made you feel bad about yourself. Watch movies that make you feel good and happy! This is the time to have fun and put on a funny movie to laugh at. It distracts you and sends you into a different world where you don't have a single care in the world.

Listen to cheerful songs whenever you feel bad. It’s good medicine to feel happy and joyful. It distracts you from the world and recent heartbreaks. Put on some joyful tracks and dance your heart out!

Hang out with your supportive friends who are there for you to talk about what’s on your mind. You don’t wanna feel the heartbreak on your own. Share it with your good friends who will support you. They can offer you good advice during your heartbreak. It’s a way to think of something else than the guy who doesn’t deserve you. Go out and grab some drinks together while having fun. 

Delete him EVERYWHERE on your social media profiles. You will have a hard time moving on if you still have his pictures and messages. Delete them all over your phone. It’s easier said than done. It’s hard to remove them at first but you will get used to it and it helps to let you move on faster.
Truth is: You know you have moved on when you don't stalk his profiles anymore and is happy that he is in a relationship with someone else.

Go shopping or buy a hot chocolate. Cook your favorite meal. This is a time where you should spoil yourself. Get a new haircut. Enjoy the day by doing something that makes you feel better about yourself! Do a skincare routine daily so your skin can glow.

This is another technique to distract yourself from a heartbreak and work on yourself physically to boost your dopamine and self-love. You make yourself the priority while working on your confidence. It’s good therapy to relieve stress and sadness.

Ever wished you can get the guy out of your head? Meditate for at least 10 minutes because you empty your mind and quiet all the disturbance going around in your head. This is the moment to relax, stay in the peaceful silence. You gain more happiness and overthink less of the past that have hurt you.

You deserve better and you know it. A relationship should never be one-sided. It’s extra work for you if you try to impress the guy who isn’t into you. That is very stressful and unfair to you. You don’t need acceptance from anyone but YOU. Who are you trying to impress? Love yourself first, put yourself first. If he doesn’t love you then that’s GREAT! Because now you’re clear about who isn’t worth your time and effort.

This isn’t the end of life. You will be surprised to meet guys who have all the qualities you’ve been looking for and treating reciprocate their love back to you.


  1. The perfect post for me to read - I needed this reminder! Thank you for your fantastic tips, I will certainly be putting them to good use :)

  2. I love how numbers one and two follow each other. So often we try to hide our pain for the sake of "being strong," but really there is strength in tears. Staying active keeps us from wallowing in our pain, though. Great post!

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