How To Love Yourself Before Loving Anyone Else

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No one knows you better than yourself. You are the only one who truly understands your fears, worries, pains, traumas, life story. You carry yourself everywhere through thick and thin from day and night.

People will disappoint you and hurt you. Bad people won’t care about your feelings, so why should you care about them? Give yourself love. Love yourself SO MUCH that no one has the power anymore to harm your self-love.

I've read Louise Hay's book called "You Can Heal Your Life" which changed my life completely. I still have the book to this day and it's one of the books that I've enjoyed reading because she gives so much golden advice on how to love and respect yourself. It's a book that shouldn't be avoided.

Decide to go into a deeper, raw, honest relationship with yourself. You'll start loving yourself if you understand who you truly are. Become your own best friend.
Look at the beauty in you and in the world. Fall in love with beauty.
How do you love yourself? It's like breathing, hard at first but then it becomes natural to breathe.

Write a list of what you love about yourself
Take time to focus on what you love about yourself. We are good at placing specific people on the pedestrian when we should put ourselves on the pedestrian It's hard to find out what you like about yourself but take your time to find out what you are proud of yourself. Whether it's the personality or appearance, it doesn't matter.

Remove those who ruin your self-esteem
Toxic people hate to see other people happy, so they bring them down. They enjoy seeing to see good people suffer. These people need to be removed in your life in order for you to improve your self-esteem and know your worth! You don't need these toxic people. You aren't being disrespectful when you remove bad people out of your life. It simply means you respect and loves yourself enough to let anyone disturb your inner peace and love.

Embrace who you are, as imperfectly perfect
We aren’t perfect. We can’t all look like barbies because we aren’t barbies. The media tries to brainwash us into believing we should look a different way or else we aren’t good enough. We are unique and different in our own way. No one is you. Only you is you. Be proud of that. Love your thickness, freckles, curly hair, big lips, thin body, and so on.

Forgive your past-self
The person you used to be is not the same person you are today. Stop punishing yourself for the things you did in the past. You didn't know better. It's okay to make mistakes because that's how you cultivate and become better. You can’t continue to place your past into your current moment. We have to forgive our past-self in order to move on and accept the person we are today. We keep on growing. Our personality and way of thinking changes all the time. We'll never stay the same person because we keep on growing and evolving.

Stop worrying
We don't have control over our future but we can control how we react to it. It’s stressful if we keep worrying about everything. There is no reason to worry. Worry won’t fix your problems. Stop stressing yourself like that, and be kind to yourself. You won't gain any good benefits from worrying and it will be a living hell to worry all the time.

Believe in yourself
No one trusts you more than you trust yourself. If the whole world says no, then you say yes. Remove the "T" in "can’t" because you CAN. People have their own belief system, let them. You have your own belief system. Listen to that. You can do more than you imagine.

Cut all self-criticism
It's okay to reflect on what you have done throughout the day and what you could have done better. But talking judging yourself mentally all the time is not worth it. The more you talk bad to yourself the more it will reflect in the other world and people will start treating you bad too. As within so without. Approve who you are and you will see how everything around you changes for the better.

Love your body
Stop smoking and drinking excessively. Listen to your body, because you are torturing your body. Imagine if someone insults you in your face every day, do you feel good or worse? You insult your body like this. Start feeding your body with good nutrition, perhaps start a vegan or vegetarian diet. Start working out. Which type of workout do you prefer? Do yoga or meditation. Move your body in any way. We have lots of energy to release. We get energy by using energy.

Self-love affirmation
Do a self-love talk. Say wonderful things to yourself like:

I love myself
I'm beautiful
I can do this
I am in love with myself
I am proud of myself
I am good enough the way I am

Play with it and have fun.

What's even better is to look at yourself in the mirror and affirm yourself with love.


  1. Oh, Suzan - you don't know how much I needed to read this post today. Thank you so much for sharing. <3

  2. Loved this article. Sometimes it's good to have reminders like this.