To Walk In Faith

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Faith is what restored us and kept us going on with our lives while facing obstacles. Sometimes it's what keeps us alive when all hope is lost and we seek solace in God. We gain strength and power after having a conversation with God and speak from our hearts. It's as if we're recharged again. To have faith is to believe in yourself and trust the process when no one else believes in you. Sometimes it's hard to stand alone in the faith but that's what makes us stronger. Have faith in yourself even if you have a tiny faith in you. Grow the seed until it has grown bigger and reached the universe.

 “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”
Matthew 17:20

It's not hard to have faith. We have faith without noticing it. We have faith that our orders at a cafe and restaurant will arrive. We're fearless and unbreakable when we have faith in our hands that can perform miracles we haven't seen before.

Sometimes our faith will be tested in our life. Instead of being a victim asking yourself "Why is this happening to me." instead ask yourself "What is this teaching me to improve my faith?"

Don't lose faith when things aren't going as it should be. Have an unbreakable faith boldly and strongly. Be the warrior of faith when those against God tries to destroy you. Have unwavering faith. To have faith is to believe in the unseen. Faith and patience are best friends. When you have faith in something then let it go and let God do the rest of the job for you. Have faith in the process. Surrender to God knowing that everything will be okay and you'll be in God's hands. Remember patience is not the same as having low interest in something.

Just because we have faith doesn't mean we neglect the problems that occur in our life. We know that our current situation is not picture-perfect but to have faith is to fix solutions to every problem in our life that'll improve our lives.

We have more faith when we were children because children came straight to the world after spending time with God. They believe in themselves purely. As we grow up, we've been told by adults that we won't amount to our desires. We've had adults screaming in our ear about how we should think and feel. That it's impossible to reach that dream. We get surrounded by naysayers and their limited belief system affects our belief systems because we have no one else to believe in ourselves.

When we get older we start to apply their belief systems to ours. We neglect the goals we're passionate about.

Truth is their belief system is their belief system. It's theirs, not yours. You stay in your belief system and prove them wrong. You can move forward with faith and move backward without faith mentally and spiritually. You can evolve with faith and degrade without faith.

How can one person increase their faith?
Faith is like a muscle, see it like that. You build your faith every day. Building our faith takes time Just telling yourself that everything will be okay is even the first step. Have a conversation with God so you won't feel alone in this.

I'll be sharing some affirmations to get through the day and increase your faith.
"My faith lifts me above my fear."
"My faith increases with each breath."
"I am bold in the power and love of Jesus Christ."
"I have complete faith in myself."
"The light of God is guiding me in everything I do."
"I choose to let go and trust the process."

Walk and dive in faith. You're more powerful than you think. Have faith close to your heart's desire. Forgive everyone who hurt you in the past in order to move forward with faith in your hand.

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