The Power of Our Prayers

Source of image: Pexels

When things don't go right the way it should and we feel powerless for our current bad situation, then we pray. To have someone pray for us is a huge blessing. Going to church or sitting alone in the dark praying what we do because we find solace in God. Imagine if the whole world prayed together for a better world, how amazing the world would be!

You can pray to the infinite universe. We pray to God because we want something. We want to talk to God, but we've overlooked the fact that God lives inside us all the time. He talks to us through our instincts and positive thoughts. This is why you receive a positive message in your head after you've prayed for a miracle or hope. Listen to the positive inner voice inside you. It never lies.

We create our reality through prayers because prayers are a concentrated form of affirmation. We don't create our reality through prayers if we don't have faith and patience. Patience is so important if we want our prayers to be answered.

God answers our prayers if we pay attention to our circumstances around us. God speaks to us through other people and signs we walk across every day. The prayers are showering us with blessings if we let God into our hearts and hear our heart's desires.

We can't achieve what we want by becoming desperate through prayers. We achieve through the prayers of gratitude for what we already have if we are truly honest about the things we appreciate. Start to appreciate. We have to pray not from our lips, but from our heart, that way we'll receive great assistance from the universe/God.

We pray for a better world and evolving as human beings. Why do we cry when we pray? Because we speak from our heart that has bottled our emotions inside for too long. It's a moment we cleanse ourselves from our sadness and have a conversation with God, who understands us more than anyone else.

We do pray without knowing it because our thoughts are prayers too. We pray 24/7. We go on without daily life asking God questions about our current circumstances.

In my honest opinion, I don't think God is deaf and a hard listener. He hears our thoughts every day when we want to start a conversation with him. He follows us through our journey.

God hears our prayers, but God has many names. God is also our subconscious mind, a God-like mindset. 90% of our reality comes from our subconscious mind and 10% comes from our conscious mind. Every prayer we fill into our subconscious mind becomes our reality because we get what we ask for.

"And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."
Matthew 21:22

I've studied Greg Braden and his lectures for some time. He has told us to act as if your prayers have already been received. The mind of God aka subconscious mind response to emotions and thoughts. In the Gospel of Thomas, at verse 106 it says:

"When you make the two as one, you will say to the mountain, “move away” and the mountain will move away.”

Greg Braden says the "two" is our thoughts and emotions, to which I agree with. I think that the mountain is our subconscious mind.

Fill your subconscious mind with positive thoughts and emotions (prayers) to make your dream a reality. I've heard that people influence God with their prayer, but I see it as we influence our subconscious mind with our positive prayers.

That's how powerful our prayers are.


  1. This is a beautifully written post, Suzan! I love the thought of how powerful prayer can be.

  2. Prayer has an immense power, Suzan. Super reminder for us. Tapping into the Infinite orders things beautifully.

    1. Completely agree with you, Ryan. Imagine if the whole world prayed together for a better world. How powerful it would be to unite together.