How Death of a Loved One Can Change Us

Source of image: Pexels

Losing a loved one can be a scary, unrealistic nightmare to experience. It feels like a dream you can’t escape or control. It feels as if your whole world is shattered to pieces that you can’t pull back together.

Nothing is the same again. Your view of the world and norm has changed. You get dissociated when you heard the news that your loved one has passed away. You don’t want to believe it and it takes a long time to accept what has happened. We can’t control death and knowing we’ll never have that person back again cuts your heart with a knife.

To experience trauma like this can teach us a lesson. We don’t take things for granted anymore and try to spend so much time with the people who matter to us as much as possible. Because we never know how quickly things can change drastically. It’s hard to swallow the fact someone you loved has died.

We start to blame ourselves for something we didn’t know. We ask ourselves why we didn’t spend more time with the person or ask how they were emotionally before they passed away.

We isolate ourselves from the world and become anti-social. Because we don’t think anyone would understand our pain and loss. They didn’t know how great that person was. They were too good for this world and we don’t get why it’s always the good ones who die young.

Shortly after the death of a loved one you start to experience depression. It’s hard for you to get out of bed every morning. The world becomes scary and uncomfortable to live in. You become angry at the world and everyone. You don’t want to talk to anyone. You become bitter.

You want to cry all the time and seek comfort. You have lost your passion for work and study. You don’t care about anything. This happens a lot shortly after we’ve lost a loved one.
As time goes by things become easier and better. You move on slowly but the sorrow is still there and it’s placed deep in the root of your heart. It will always be there.

Everyone handles death differently. Some talk openly about losing someone and some choose to keep it to themselves because our loved one is too precious for us to share with anyone.
You’ll never be the same person again after experiencing the loss. The pain of loss has scarred you for life.

You start to appreciate life and takes nothing for granted anymore because you never know you will be spending the time with your loved one for the last time. You become more empathic and understanding of other people's struggles and pain. You grow up and become more responsible. You stop judging people from the outside because you never know what they’re going through.
You choose to be kinder and tougher than you have ever been. You understand that life is too short to waste and you want to live your life to the fullest because that’s what your loved one wants for you. To be happy and live a full life.

You realize that everything can change in a split second. One day they are here, the next day they’re gone.

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