Top 10 Free Attractions In Edinburgh

I've visited Edinburgh, Scotland for the first time in my life back in January 2019 as a kick starts for the new year, that we've entered. Seeing the buildings in the central city was astonishing. It was like entering a city during medieval times. Buildings like the Scotts Monument had a gothic style. The whole city had a little bit of gothic vibe to it. I love how they preserve the buildings in Edinburgh, making the city a historical city with lots to see. Even the castle was built on the volcano - How crazy is that? 

I definitely would like to visit the city again in the future and recommend you to visit the city once in your lifetime, if you love traveling around the world. It doesn't have to be expensive to see places around the city if you think wisely. I'll show you places you can visit while visiting the city with your family or friends. 

1. Scotts Monument
AMAZING building. The style of the monument is so detailed including the small statues, that you can see on the monument if you look closely. The height is 61.11 m and you are able to see the whole city at the pointy top of the monument, using a spiral staircase that's narrow. The monument was built as a dedication and tribute to the late Sir Walter Scott. The name "Scott's" Monument was named after him.  You will see a statue of Sir Walter Scott beside the monument. 

You will find the monument on Princes Street. 

2. Royal Botanical Gardens
If you're a traveler AND a nature lover, then I recommend you to visit the Royal Botanical Garden during spring and summertime, where the flowers blossom on a warm, sunny day. It's free and the squirrels are to be seen around the garden. The only thing that's NOT FRE is the entrance to the glasshouse, which costs 6.50£ for adults and free for children up to 15 years old.
It's peaceful and relaxing. 

3. National Museum of Scotland
It's worth it the trip. The entrance is free. It's free to see the museum and it's huge. Located at Chambers Street. You will see lots of world cultures in sections from the Middle East, North African, Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. Remember to have a bottle of water with you, as it takes around 2 hours to see the whole museum plus breaks.

Bus line: 24, 35, 41, X54, and X61
Stop at: Museum of Scotland
Nearby place: Greyfriars Bobby (165 m)
Open daily at 10PM - 5PM

4. The Elephant House
This is for the Potterheads: The cute cafe, where JK Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter Series. It's just a regular cafe, where you can order your meal and drink. It's a tourist attraction, so you will see many fans outside the cafe, taking pictures of themselves with the cafe in the background.

It's located at 21 George IV Bridge.

5. Calton Hill
I went up to Calton Hill, one of the historical hills to see in Edinburgh. I can quite say it's a beautiful hill when you get up there, and you are able to see the whole city, which has a beautiful view! It's right in the middle of the city. Remember to pick up your camera and take amazing shots at the hill.

6. Dean Village
You have to visit the old village Dean Village, which is hidden well from the crowd and secluded in the river valley. It was used to be called "Water of Leith Village."  and is a perfect place to take some scenic pictures, so take some pictures when you get there and enjoy the beautiful view of the village with old, historic houses.
It's located at Dean Path and is open 24 hours daily. 

7. Arthur's Seat
One of the largest ancient hills and the extinct volcano of Edinburgh. It's perfect for hikers and about 350 million years old. The hill will give you a beautiful view of the whole city in a different perspective. It's just something you HAVE to see if you're a visitor in Edinburgh. It's worth being on the top of the hill. 

8. Greyfriars Graveyard
It's an ancient graveyard in Edinburgh, that has been there all the way back to the 16th century. The tombstones are very old-style with a little bit of gothic style added in. It's also a place to visit for Potterheads because it's believed that JK Rowling got most of her inspirations for the character names in Harry Potter.
It's located near the Old Town.

9. The Castle
The entrance to the castle is NOT FREE. However, you can still visit the beautiful castle on the outside for free and enjoy the lovely view from the top. The wild thing is the castle stands under the volcano that was active millions and millions of years ago. 

10. St. Giles Cathedral
The main Church in the central city. The Cathedral is beautiful to look at, and when you enter inside the Church, you will see stained glass windows, but if you wanna see the rest of the church inside, then you have to pay. The cathedral is also called "High Kirk of Edinburgh." and the word "Kirk" just means Church in Scots.

It's located at Royal Mile. 


  1. I didn't know that about the Elephant cafe!! I'm totally pinning this for later. Great post!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I hope to visit Edinburgh some day. I have read so much about it!