How Traveling Around The World Changed My Life

I used to daydream about traveling around the world when I was a kid. I didn’t care where. I was hungry for adventure and gaining emotional wealth. Where I was going didn’t matter. I craved to explore and meet people from different cultures, traditions, religions, and parts of the world. I wasn’t happy being in the same place for years. The inner voice in me wanted desperately to get out of the place and see something new. I am still on a journey to travel across the globe. I want to expand my mind despite naysayers around me saying it’s dangerous to travel and not worth it. I didn’t listen to them. I understood they were worried about me. It was out of love. They just say it in a fearful way because of what they hear on the news. But I won’t let it change my mind. I was told I should get an education before traveling. But isn’t traveling around the world an education? To explore and study different cultures by observing how they live their life?
Traveling on my own for the first time was scary and exciting. It was completely out of my comfort zone but I did it anyway not knowing what’s gonna happen. Know that it’s OK to be uncomfortable in a new situation. Accept it and be in the now.

How did traveling change me? 
My eyes became alive by seeing a fresh view of new and old buildings that I’ve never seen before. Listening to people’s language and accents that I’ve only heard only on the internet but not in real life. Seeing the famous attractions that were on my bucket list years ago, finally coming to life is surreal to me. I was in a new spot that I’ve never been to before. It was exciting and mesmerizing. Seeing new places was stimulating. I got stimulated. I got to meet new people who didn’t speak the same native language as me.
My soul and spirit became enriched. My soul and spirit were charged up after coming home from my vacation. My perspective got enlarged as I saw the world in a different way on each trip I’ve been to. I started to understand other cultures, religions, and traditions. You see the world through other people’s eyes based on their different lifestyles.

I don’t think about my past or future when I am traveling. I live fully in the present moment, knowing this is a once in a lifetime experience. The vacation is not something I experience on a daily basis, so I choose to stay in the present moment. Observing everything around me, I don’t have time to look at my smartphone. Everything is happening around me and it has caught my attention.
I can buy a material thing but the pleasure is temporary. I don’t feel fulfilled buying material stuff. Traveling around the world is a lifetime pleasure. I feel fulfilled for a very long time after being on a vacation.
Each time I became more open-minded and grateful for the things I have around me.


  1. Such a Beautiful Post! Traveling is such a beautiful way to find new perspectives and practice presence. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  2. I agree that the lessons learned & experiences gained from traveling is the best education you can receive. I wish I grew up in the age & culture that embraced traveling to different countries more. At least I was taught to appreciate the outdoors at an early age (& now reap the benefits of nature) but traveling is the way to go these days! Good thing I met my husband who has helped fill up my passport & start my new travel blog:

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