The Mindset of a Strong Woman

She wasn’t born to be strong. She went through a lot and became strong because of that. She didn't become strong, because she had an easy childhood. She became strong, because of her bad childhood. She has a thick skin. Her scars are invisible to the world because they are only shown in her inner world. Her heart is torn in pieces but she doesn’t reveal it to the world, because she doesn’t trust anyone.

She is a warrior who went through many harsh and ugly battles. Everyone took advantage of her vulnerability and weakness. Why? She was raw in her emotions but got ridiculed instead. She has no choice but to be tough and have an armored suit to survive in this ugly world. Sometimes she gets uncomfortable and lonely, but she has learned to handle it in her own way. She has only a small circle of people around her to trust. 

She doesn’t expect anything from anyone and is fully prepared to be disappointed by those who she thought were different from anyone else. She wants to have a quiet and peaceful future because her whole life was hectic and chaotic. Peace and quiet life are what she has to fight hard for because she deserves it.

She is not afraid to speak up her mind and voice her unpopular opinion. She would rather be disliked for her realness than please others to feel accepted. She won’t let any guys treat her bad and will leave the relationship without hesitation if the guy is toxic. She won't have any friends who aren't on the same level as her.

A strong woman cries. She cries and that's what makes her strong. A strong warrior cries after being in lots of battles. That's what makes her a human and real.

She is very picky when letting people into her life. She refuses to settle for less when it comes to a relationship and her circle of friends. She has seen the worst and still survived through it. She is used to feel lonely. She would rather kick people out of their life if they disrespect her than letting them treat her like dirt and still allowing them to be in her life just for the sake of not being lonely. She seeks to respect and would leave if she feels unwanted by people around her.

She stands up for herself when people are being rude to her, and doesn't mind losing them. She doesn't fear losing anyone or anything. She has lost people in her life before and is used to it. She would rather be alone than surrounded by people who are downgrading her.

She doesn't fall down and cries. Yes, she used to be like that, but not anymore. She gets back up, and try again. She let's people go who hurt her. She chooses not to waste her time with toxic people. The devil approaches her through other people's bodies, that's why they're being rude to her, but she knows better. She observes the devil and leaves. She gives no attention to the devil. She is strong.

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