What I Have Learned From Being Broke

Source of image: Pexels

Being broke is stressful and hard. It's a curse, but a blessing because you will be blessed with important lessons from being broke. Lessons you can't learn anywhere else but through financial struggles. It's not fun to be in debt and broke. It's an amazing, freeing feeling having your own money and be independent. Not dependent on anyone. It makes you feel weak being dependent on anyone. You want to have power over your own life, by having your own money and able to take care of yourself. 

I started thinking ahead of my future, so I began emergency savings by placing 100$ in my savings every month. You should go to. You'll be shocked at how much money you suddenly have on your savings. Trust me, it'll make your future more secure and safe. It's a responsible and adult thing.

I used to buy stuff that was useless to me. I learned to control my consumption because my ego wants to buy useless items to satisfy my temporary needs. It's easier to decrease your bank account than increasing your money income these days because we buy too many items from expensive brands. Commercials are everywhere. 

The programming you to buy this and buy that. When you start having self-control over your consumption, you have the power. Not the commercials. You don't need expensive and useless items as much as you think you do. Break the habit, of feeling the "need" to buy something you have only seen for 10 seconds.  The expensive items don't define who you are as a person. Who are you trying to impress? No one. Why are you buying them then? Ask yourself that. 

I begin to buy less and earn more. You'll realize you don't need to buy anything unless it's very important. As long as you have a circle of supportive, positive and loving people in your life plus food on the table and roof on the top, then you are more wealthy than you think. Being surrounded by people who never make you feel alone is the greatest gift. Items can't offer you that gift. 

I had to be creative and come up with my own ideas of having fun while hitting the rock bottom, financially speaking. I can play and do any outdoor activities. I can sit with my friends and crack inside jokes with them. I can watch a comedy. I can dance while listening to my favorite music. I can play with the animals. I can have fun if I set my mind to it.

You think you'll be happier if you have money on your bank account? There are people who are multi-millionaire yet are the unhappiest people in the world. Their bank account is fulfilled, but their heart account is empty. Then you see people with 100$ or 20,000$ in their bank account and are the happiest people in the world with a wealthy heart.

Being broke is the struggle, and the struggle is a blessing.
It blesses you with experience and lessons.


  1. I need less than I thought and money doesn't make me happy-- two of the seriously most important things Ive learned from managing my money too. Great post!-- Clo Bare (clobare.com)

  2. It's so true money does not equal happiness. Thank you I needed to hear that today. Great article!