Find Out Who Your True Friends Are

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True, authentic, and loyal friends are empathic, patient, selfless and understanding. They are the ones who are there for you through your good and bad times, even if you snapped at them one time. They will never complain about you being "Too Negative" right now. They know you’re a human being, with feelings and emotions, who is both happy and unhappy. They understand you had a bad day, cause you're a human. Who hasn't experienced a bad day? They will cheer you up, whether you have a bad day or a good day.

They will celebrate you when you have achieved something great and listens to you when you're angry because something horrible has occurred to you.

They won't turn the table speaking about how great they are and the great things they have achieved when you're in a state of happiness from achieving something great. They'll make sure this moment is YOUR celebration, and they will amplify your success by cheering you up and tell you how proud they are for your success. They won't leave when they think you're being "negative" and that your "negative energy" affects them. They know life can be good and hard for everybody. That's what makes them true.

They are the humble ones who will listen to you, without interrupting you. They listen to you, they don't hear you. There is a difference. They let you speak and let you voice your opinion, even if they disagree with you. They won't be easily irritated and stubborn. They like to be challenged, and never gets angry or triggered at you, when you speak your truth. They are willing to grow and change together with you. Because it's both of you against the evil people. True friends make you feel good. They make you feel like a human being.

They are also the ones who tell you the harsh truth, about the world, or when you have messed up bad, or just being truly ridiculous. They correct you out of love. They put you in your place when you are being wrong. They want you to improve, even if you hate listening to their constructive critic. Real, authentic friends will always be there for you, even if you two get into each other's nerves. You two work hard together to be where you wanna be, and you are helping each other making a change in the world and help people's lives.

We lose many friends, as we get older because they get a new job, move to a new city to get married and start a family. If the friendships stop because they get busy with their lives, were they your friends after all? I understand things are changing in people's lives. I understand they have a life, but true friends will always have time to check up on you no matter how busy their life has become. Friends are family. That's why.

Ask them questions like:

"What Would You Do, If Something Terrible Happens To Me?"
"What Would You Do, If I Changed My Politic Beliefs?"
"What Would You Do, If I Changed My Religious Beliefs?"
"What Would You Do, If I Achieve Success?"
"What Would You Do, If I Get Into An Car Accident?"
"What Would You Do, If I Hanged Out With This Person?"

See their reactions. Challenge their limits.

Go to the hospital after being harmed physically, and see who comes immediately to visit you or call you, just to check up on you. When everything goes downhill, you'll see who is loyal and who is not loyal to you.

True friends want to protect you from the evilness of this world, even if you can't see it.

True friends are your brothers and sisters.

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