Ladies Respect And Honor Yourself

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Ladies, respect yourself with grace and honor. Love yourself and wait till the right man to your life, who fell in love with your beautiful spirit, before your body. Show him your inner beauty first. When you don’t give yourself too easily, you suddenly become a girlfriend-material. If you don't give yourself easily to him, and he leaves quickly, then he is not the right man for you. A real man will wait. He will never force you to do anything. He’ll respect your decisions and wait because he is in love with your beautiful soul. That’s what made him stay.

If you give yourself too easily from the first meeting, he’ll not take you seriously and leave quickly. If not, friend-zone you. Because you’ve already given him what he wanted. You’re no longer exciting to him. He’ll not say these things to you directly, but that’s what he’s thinking. He'll sleep with every woman until one woman says no to the suggestion. If you say no and have self-control, you automatically aren't like the other girls, but a special one. You become a girlfriend-type.

He’ll think you sleep with every man you come across from the first meeting.

A real man respects a woman more who has self-control and dignity. You’ll be a special and precious diamond to him.

A man won't respect a girl who is loud thot who is promiscuous and has a disrespectful attitude.
You are what you represent.

I am not saying men aren't perfect either. It's a shame there are men out there who are using women and taking advantage of them.

Do you want a good man?

Let him fight to have you. Be mysterious, because the mystery is power. Show less of your body and being modest IS beautiful. I say this with experience. It brings mystery and you’ll make him wonder. The less you show, the more he’ll wonder. You’ll make him go crazy about you. Not taboo or outdated. It’s not a bad thing. It still has it's value. Traditions HAVE it's beautiful value, that's being forgotten in modern society.

Show your body in an oversexualized way and all the hungry dogs will come to you. Bring modesty to your fashion and all the hungry dogs will be cleared from your sight and the true gentleman will approach you with a rose.

A man won't respect a girl who sends naked pictures of herself easily to any guy she has been talking for a while. You also don't wanna risk getting your naked pictures leaked online for other hungry dogs to look at your flesh. Your life will be ruined if your naked pictures get leaked online. It will be on the internet forever and it will destroy your life.

Your body should only be shown to the man who is your boyfriend/husband.
Your body should be treated as a temple. Take care of it and don't let anyone enter the beauty inside your temple, because not everyone deserves to see it. It should be earned by a real man.

“Thoughtfulness for others, generosity, modesty, and self-respect are the qualities which make a real gentleman or lady.”
Thomas Huxley

If he says you’re hot, he looks at your body, not your heart.
If he says you’re beautiful, he looks at your heart, not your body.

A real man wants an intelligent woman with a brain, who can stimulate him back.

I say this because I don’t want you to end up being pregnant or have transmitted diseases or become a single mother. You don’t want to get hurt. Don’t hurt yourself like that. It’s okay to wait.

God wants the best for you.

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