Sometimes You Can Be The Toxic Person

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Yes, it's hard to hear. It sounds slightly offensive, but have you ever thought of it?

Yes, sometimes you can actually be the toxic person who creates negativity and troubles for other (good) people who just want to have a cozy, good time. Sometimes you can be the one who puts people in stress and create unnecessary troubles for no reason. Maybe because you want attention which makes you a narcissist?

To the person reading it, I could be wrong. Maybe you are the toxic person reading this, or maybe you're just a person who deals with a toxic person in denial of their own flaws.
You know some toxic person in your life, but maybe you are the toxic person.
The question is:  can you admit it or just deny your own flaw?

If you deny it, you won't grow as a person and will create more resistance with more troubles.
If you admit it and apologize, that'll be HUGE of you to do. You'll be the bigger person. You'll grow into a better person with a high understanding of other people's perspectives.

There is nothing wrong with self-correcting, that's what makes you a good person with good analysis of yourself. If you deny that you're the toxic person and just "perfect" then I don't know how you sleep at night or see yourself in the mirror every day without realizing how much pain you put in other people in your life or make their lives much harder. For some people, it's hard to realize how much pain they have caused someone close to them, and tries to escape from the harsh realization by being drunk for example.

Just take responsibility for the consequences of your actions and do something about it.
We're all born flawed who makes mistakes, that's okay. The key is to improve and realize what you're doing wrong and right.

We're so good at judging others for their bad behavior, yet afraid to see our own character in the mirror. You probably made an image of yourself as the most "Decent, good human being." which is just a bunch of nonsense if you are the mean, negative, pessimistic, toxic person. Action speaks louder than words.

Try to self-analyze yourself.
Analyze the tone of your voice when you speak to other people.
Do you slam the door hard that startle other people or quiet and peacefully?
Do you take hard steps on the floor?
Do you get mad easily or rarely?
Do you get mad at small, non-issue stuff or important issues?
What do you lash about to other people?
Are you very controlling of other people?
Do you get aggressive, when people correct you?

Don't be so hard on yourself, if you're the toxic person reading this. Just see this as an opportunity to work on improving yourself. Just ask your loved ones what you can do to be a better person. Ask them what you do wrong. See this as a task or project to work on. It's homework for you.  Just like you work on improving your character in a video game work on improving your character in REAL life. You'll understand this if you love video games.
Even the smallest issue you have needs to be corrected and improved in order to become a WHOLE, mature, stable person.

Try to see the whole patterns of yourself. Even going to a psychologist to talk about how you can improve yourself and perhaps going to an anger management program and learn self-control. To admit gives you a new chance to solve the issue. To become defensive blocks you from solving the issue. Don't fight against the problem, surrender to the problem. Listen to your soul, not your ego. Lay your ego down for a moment and understand why you are toxic.

You might not believe you did anything wrong to a person by being a toxic person. Karma might hit you before you realize it. It might take you years to realize it. It might never become a realization to you. Something terrible might happen before you realize it. Maybe this article is enough for you to realize it. It might take a few days, weeks or months before you realize it. I can't tell you when you'll realize it. Your own personal journey in life will tell you.

Check yourself first. Fix yourself first. This is not a competition about who's right.

I'll inform everyone reading this, that I am in no way a certified therapist nor a psychologist. I'm just a writer giving you my honest advice and opinion.

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