These Are The 10 Traits of An Empath You Should Know About.

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Being an empath is a natural gift someone has since birth. Sometimes they gain empathy after going through suffering and pains in life that has made them understand the suffering and pain of what other people go through. They understand what someone goes through and it's lots of hard work to help people who beg for their help as they feel like the only one helping everyone. They feel alone in that. They can even feel if someone in the room has a negative, toxic, bad, ugly energy and it makes them feel like vomiting or being physically sick. They are compassionate, understanding and good people who are being misunderstood by others. It's a blessing to be an empath and a curse to be an empath. I'll tell you the traits that will detect an empathic person, in case you ever meet or see one.

1. They are Highly-Sensitive Beings
Empathic are highly-sensitive beings, which can be a blessing and a curse. They feel too much. They can feel and understand other people's pain, suffering, and struggles. It hurts them to see people in pain and they want to help them. They are natural nurturers. They have thick skin, but at the same time, they can become easily hurt, when people break their heart or when they go through a hard time in life. They sense the beauty of nature and it can overwhelm them with gratitude and tears of joy.

2. They Can Feel Other People's Energy
They have a huge awareness around themselves and other people. They are natural detectors because they can detect people's energy easily. They sense who are the evil ones and who are the good ones. They sense who carries a light even though they are lost or who is lost yet an evil person with no light inside them. They can sense who gets easily mad at small things and who can stay calm in a hectic, stressful situation. They detect people's body language and the tone of people's voices. They sense those who bring light in a room or who brings chaos in a room. They sense who acts like they know-it-all but confused, and those who got it all together while being calm and stable. Sometimes they know specific people better, than the people know themselves, no matter how much they resist.

3. People Come To You For Help
Empaths feel like they have a responsibility to help everyone. You might think it's a good thing that people come to empathic people for help. Yes, it's a good thing to ask for help, but it's exhausting for the empathic ones. They help people but get drained out. They get drained out because they spend all their energy helping the lost people. People come to them for help, once they get help, they leave the empathic person. The harsh truth is, some of these people don't care about the empathic ones. They just seek their advice, that's all they want. They don't care about how the empathic person feels. They simply don't care about the empathic person. They just use the empathic person like a drug to feel high and powerful.

The empathic person wants a friend who stays, but no one stays. They come for help and leaves the empathic person. That's the harsh reality of being an empathic person. Helping everyone cause they carry a light inside of them, let alone with nobody caring how they are doing with their life.

4. They Are Introverted
They don't get along with most people well. Some of them can be very sociable if they want to, but they prefer not to, simply to avoid drama and small talks. They prefer to be in a quiet space rather than be surrounded by a crowd of people having loud conversations. They are tired of having many friends who are not on the same level as them and only brings stress into their life, rather than be a good friend. They need alone time to re-charge and remember who they are before anyone starts influencing them to a bad path in life. They prioritize their alone time. Spending time alone means a lot to them.

They prefer a small circle of good family and friends around them, which brings them more peace and fulfillment.

5. Toxic People Are Attracted To Them
The opposite attracts, sometimes for good, and sometimes for bad. Toxic people need to absorb light to feel powerful and fulfilled. Empathic people are people of light they feel attracted to. The toxic people are narcissistic and called energy vampires, because they suck the energy out of an empath, to feel powerful and fulfilled. They hate themselves so much that they want you to value them, so they can feel superior again. Yet they don't value you and it makes you feel drained out and unappreciated but sometimes an empath still chooses to stay, because they think the toxic people can change for the better. They won't ever change. They don't care about you as a person, they care about sucking your good energy so they can feel "high"

The toxic people are using you like a drug. It's time to cut them off and take care of your energy and sanity. Without an empath in the toxic people's lives, they feel empty and powerless.

6. They Are Loyal
They can be your best friend. Because they are able to understand the suffering you are going through. They relate to your past trauma, because they have been in your shoes before. They understand and feel your pain. They know what it's like to be lonely, so they make sure you never feel lonely and always have them to talk to about anything and everything in the world.

7. They Give You Plenty of Space
Empaths are selfless. They never force anyone to do something that is uncomfortable for them nor get offended if people see the world in a different way than themselves. They don't make a person feel ashamed of saying no or making different decisions. They understand if a person doesn't feel like going to an event with them, so they give them the freedom and space to not attend an event. Empaths are loner themselves, so they understand when a person wants some space because they too also want to have space to re-charge as they appreciate having a me-time.

8. They Are Intuitive
Don't mistake empaths being the same as intuitive. An empath can be an empath without being intuitive, just as an intuitive person can be intuitive without being an empath.
The empathic person listens to their gut feeling aka inner voice. They always listen to their inner voice, if they sense and feel something is clearly wrong. Sometimes the inner voice tells them to not join an event, meeting, place, or some specific people without any reason other than it doesn't feel right.

9. They Think of Others Before Themselves

Empaths always think of other people first and feel the need to help good people who are lost in their track of life but have the potential to achieve happiness and greatness in life. They bring light and happiness to other people who are lonely or sad. They put other people above them, and make other important people in their life as their priority. They want to see people succeed and be healthy. They want to help the poor, the sick, the lost and the elderly people.

10. They Are Great Listeners
It's natural for the empaths to listen to what other people have to say before saying anything. They think before they speak. They are allowing other people to open up about their feelings and what they are going through and how their day has been. They make people feel like they are being heard and listened to and someone understands them, which makes them feel less alone in what they are going through all the time.

What about empaths?
They help everyone but no one helps them, that's how lonely it can be to be an empath in a crowd full of lost souls. It's not an easy job to be an empath. They have a big heart, that gets crushed easily by other people. They help and give too much, without anyone confirms and praise for their generosity. Not many people can see their good deeds. Empathic people have a special ability to empathize with other people, and that special ability is hard work for them.

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