This Is Why You Can't Help Everyone

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No. You can’t help everyone. It’s simple as that.
I will encourage you to help everyone if it was that easy.

But it’s not.
Believe me.

No, you can’t help everyone. Help the good people, not bad people. Why would you help the toxic, miserable, hateful people who are jealous of everyone’s happiness and success?
Help those who are good, compassionate human beings.

Not even that.

You still can’t help everyone. You’re not Superman. It’s not an insult. It’s just what it is. You don’t have supernatural powers to save everyone. You can’t go all-in. You can’t buy 10 houses for 10 homeless families unless you’re a millionaire/billionaire.

Do you know what’s gonna happen if you keep helping everyone?
You’ll neglect yourself
You’ll betray both your mental and physical health
You’ll be drained out
You can also get in trouble for minding other people’s business and problems
You’ll be broke
You’ll get burned by those you helped out AKA betrayed.
You’ll die out
You’ll feel empty, lost and confused
You’ll be left and become lonely

You just can’t help everyone, if everyone doesn’t want to help themselves. Don’t water a dead flower. People need to help themselves first. The older I get, the more I realize helping everyone is hard work. You’ll invest a lot of time helping everyone who might not be engaged in helping themselves.
Not everyone wants to be saved.

Fix yourself first.
You might think:
“But I have fixed myself first.”
Question is, have you searched deeper?
The deeper roots to your problems that you need to fix first?
You wanna help everyone, but do you have someone that helps you?

It’s hard when you want to help someone you care about. Like a sick family or friend. Sometimes they can get mad at you for helping them and it kills you emotionally. You’ll feel like you tried helping someone and there is no process because they don’t wanna get help or lash out at you for helping them. They have a barrier that you can’t pass just to help them. Some are even ungrateful when you help them and it will make you feel unworthy and miserable in the long run. Some of the people will still think you’re an asshole in their eyes no matter how much you help them.

Other people with very low insecurity will just keep using you like a drug to get help and advice ALL THE TIME even for small issues where you can use your common sense, they’ll still ask for your help. These types of people will keep coming back to you for help and then ditch you after you have given them full self-esteem powers they can’t control because of their big ego. They don’t come to you to be a friend, but to use you, because you give them lots of golden advice. In my honest opinion, I wouldn’t even spend a minute helping them. I don’t find them worthy of my time. Don’t help those people. Some people just don’t deserve your love and help. Sometimes the best thing is to just walk away and take care of yourself first. Create your own life. It’s perfectly fine to not be a pleaser all the time for the sake of your self-worth and mental health. If we helped everyone, we’ll never have time for ourselves not get any peace within. It can also be egotistical to help everyone. Let’s say you’re a man who has a wife and children with her. You and your wife are the providers financially. Someone in your family begs for money because they lost a job or in quick need.

You the father sends a huge amount of money to your side of the family even to those you don’t communicate daily. When all that money should be used to provide the children. Your wife gets frustrated with you helping everyone outside your own family and children that need you the most. Don’t get me wrong, help is good but doesn’t overhelp. Just organize things right. These from your side of the family are grown up adults who can easily just get a job to make money unless they are disabled or have a mental illness that blocks them from providing themselves.
You can’t even get involved in a family fight in the public that isn’t your family or you’d get in trouble. Don’t jump into troubles that you aren’t involved with. It’s other people’s problems. Let them figure it out themselves. The fight always stops anyway.

It’s not your job to help everyone. You can’t help a depressed person. People affect other people emotionally. If you are someone with good mental health and overall a happy person and you help a depressed person getting out of their depressed state, you’ll start becoming sad too. You’ll feel depressed too. You’ll spend your energy and time helping the depressed person but he/she doesn’t listen to you. They hear you, but don’t listen to you. You keep on trying without any success. The person is still depressed. Because you CAN’T help everyone. That’s the harsh truth. Even if you’re a healer, you still can’t if they don’t want to be saved. Don’t take on more responsibility than you can handle. Don’t take on more stress than you can handle. Don’t go on more missions to help everyone than what you can handle.

All I’m saying is think of yourself first and then your spouse and children if you have any. Prioritize and organize things right and fairly. Offer help to good people who are worthy of your love, as long as you remember to take take a break in between and taking care of yourself first plus being in a good state mentally. Help yourself first.

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