25 Life Lessons I’ve Learned In My 25 Years

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I am not 25 years old. I am 25 years YOUNG. I am now on level 25 in my current life, and I'll share with you the 25 life lessons I've learned in my 25 years. I heard people say once you reach 25, you become emotionally mature and you start to think differently and look at life in a different way than you used to. It's scary to believe I'll be 30 in 5 years. Times FLIES it's SCARY but AMAZING! 

Here are the 25 lessons I've learned in my 25 years.

1. I don't trust everybody.
Even the ones you thought you could count on, will disappoint you one day and betray you. You never think the one you care about and love the most will betray in the harshest way and disrespect you. They take you for granted.

2. You only have a few friends.
When I was a teenager, I thought you could have 20-50 good friends. How naive was I? Those who were older than me at that time said it's impossible to have that many friends and that you only have few true friends who you can count on. I didn't really believe what they said was true until I got older. Now I have few friends to count on, who never would let argues and fight destroy and win over the beautiful friendship we have.

3. Family is important.
Family is truly important if your family are compassionate, loving, supportive, empathic beings. I wouldn't say family is important if your family members are dysfunctional, narcissistic, and toxic who want the worst for you. They are not your family. But if you have a loving, supportive family, then hold them tight, because they're important to you.

4. Appreciating the small, overlooked things.
It can be birds singing, flowers blossoming, waking up alive to another day, having food on the table, seeing small signs from God, and look at all the beautiful colors around me. Yes, it sounds sentimental but It's important to appreciate the small things that we overlook once we become adults. As kids we appreciate the small things, as adults, we forget all about it.

5. I become better, not worse.
From my early teenage years where I thought I was smart and knew how the world worked. Boy was I WRONG! I only improved with years and became better, smarter and more aware of my surroundings. I learn something new every time. I'm still learning. I never degraded but got upgraded as the years go by.

I mean, I'm level 25 now! I become better as the years go by.

6. Nature is my paradise.
I can escape to nature if I want to get away from the city and daily life for a while. In nature,  there is no stress and hurries. I feel one with nature. I don't have to worry about anything when I'm around nature. Nature is living in the present moment and stands still beautifully. I can meditate and be quiet in nature, as it calms me down. I think people would be cured of depression if they spent their time in nature every day. It's soothing and healing to be surrounded by trees, grass, and flowers.

7. Life IS suffering.
Life is not just beautiful. It is suffering and brutal too. It's harsh but realistic and there is nothing you can do to control it. Even nature can be brutal. I decided to not let suffering in life destroy me, yes I get vulnerable from the sufferings in my life, but it has helped me to become robust and have a thick skin. I take sufferings in my life as lessons learned. Suffering can teach me something.

8. Respect the sick and elders.
All the fame, money, materialism, likes, and followers mean nothing to you once you become sick or old. I have empathy for the sick and elders. They need to be taken care of and respected. The elders have so much knowledge and wisdom for life, that we all can learn from. They are also the ones who are suffering the most compare to the young, healthy people. They are strong for being able to hold on in life despite suffering from health issues and physical pains.

9. Live life like it's your last day.
I never know where life takes me. I never know if I wake up to my death date. Life is unpredictable and it's not worth living a life where you're being ungrateful and aggressive to everybody around you. There is no time to be immature and disrespectful to your fellow people because one day you won't live anymore and you'll regret how you treated people. Live life as it's your last day. Don't live every day in fear thinking you will die soon, that's unhealthy. Just live life blissfully and appreciate everyone around you who makes your day better and make sure to do good deeds to people.

10. Blocking toxic people in my life easily.
I just don't mean block toxic people from your life on social media. I block them too in real life. When they try to communicate with me, I just ignore them and walk away, like they didn't exist. I used to feel bad for being cold like this and thinking if I stay kind they'll change for the better.


They'll never change. You only allow them to treat you like dirt. Today I refuse to let anyone try to hurt me once again. Once they proved to me they are toxic people who betrayed me, I'll never let them enter my life again. I'll not let them hurt me again. I don't even buy their "nice" and "friendly" manipulative approach won't. They can't trap me.  Whether we talk about a family or an old friend.

11. Better at saying no.
Who am I to please? If I don't want to do something, then I don't want to do it. A person who loves you will respect your decision and not keep forcing you to do it. A bad person will be offended at you for saying no and will keep on forcing you to say yes. Which won't work on me either. I say no if I don't want to, there is no discussion about it.

If it makes me feel uncomfortable then no one can force me to do something I don't want to. I don't want to go to that meeting, I don't want to go to that event, I don't want to sign this paper, and so on. I neglect and betray my own feelings if I just say yes for the sake of pleasing other people. What about my own feelings?

12. Not caring what other people think.
Some people see me as the mean, cold one when I defend myself from being disrespected. Some see me as a nice, sweet girl who is loyal to her friends. Everyone will have a different perspective of me, that I can't control. I can only control how I see myself. It's a waste of time trying to impress people so they can only think good of me. Just live your life and not care what people think of you. They don't know you.

13. Follow your dream first.
People will come and go, but your dreams will never leave you. You can put sweat, tears, and energy into making a relationship work, only to realize the other person leaves you. It's a waste of time. With dreams, you can work hard and put all your sweats, tears and energy on it and the dream will come true one day. Work on making your dreams come true and the right people will come to you naturally without you have to work extra hard for them to stay.

14. Take life easy.
It's not worth overthinking about issues and taking everything seriously. I don't know how some people are way too serious all the time. I've learned to take life easy and lightly. There is no reason to worry all the time and get stressed out when things don't go well. It's not worth it. Take life easy.

"Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright."
- Bob Marley.

15. Be prepared to be disappointed.

People are unpredictable, even your loved ones, who you think will never disappoint you. They can show how much they love, care and worry about you just to show zero genuine care the next day and treat you like you never existed in their world. Your significant other can go from caring to uncaring and never show interest in talking to you, which is very common in a relationship. It sucks, but that's life.

16. Sleep and break are important.
I listen to my body. It's so important that you listen to your body too. One of my old co-workers in the past used to work so much at the restaurant that she collapsed during her shift.
Your body is literally telling you:

"I want to rest, please give me a break. I am tired." 

So why aren't you listen to your body? No one can work for days and not get any sleep and break. You need sleep and break to charge up your energy, be productive and motivated again.

17. I care about my health.
Why shouldn't I care about my health? I care about my health because I want to prevent upcoming health issues and live a long life. I love my body enough to take care of it and be healthy. Mental health is included too. You are what you eat, so make sure to commit to a healthy, balanced diet. Make sure that your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs.
Make sure to meditate and have a positive outlook in life.

18. I stopped caring about how I look like.
I used to make sure I look good every day. Straightened my hair and applying makeup and being a shopaholic for clothes. I don't touch my hair anymore and let it stay natural. I only apply makeup when I'm going to an event or taking new pictures of myself. I don't mind going outside without makeup. If I had to wear makeup then I try to make the makeup look as natural as possible.
Authentic people still like to be around you, when you have no makeup on.
They like you with or without it. They should if they love you for who you are.

19. Staying true to myself.
I won't change just to please and favor other people. I am who I am and there is nothing that can be done. If someone has an idea of who I am but not who I truly am in real life, then it's their own problem. I know I will lose people if I have a strong opinion of my own on different topics. I won't change my opinion and view on subjects just to make other people happy. They can hate me and spit on me, but I am who I am, and I am not here to serve people who are not even important in my life.

20. Not being easily offended.
There is no reason to be offended at someone else because they have a different opinion than you. Not everyone thinks like you. There is not even a reason to be offended when someone corrects me and gives me constructive criticism for something I did that I wasn't aware of. Instead, I just tell them:

"Thank you for making me aware of that. I'll fix that."

21. Being in the present.
Life can be precious if you just listen to the beautiful sound of silence in the present divine moment. It's important to take a moment to meditate in the present moment and look at the divine beauty all around you, making you remember how beautiful life is. You feel suddenly alive again, by staying in the present. Everything suddenly feels more alive.

22. I love reading books.
I grew up not being interested in books. School bored me rapidly. As I got older I suddenly had more interest in reading books. If you can't travel physically then you can travel mentally by reading books and enter another person's life story. The most successful people read books every day. If you can't read books lately, then at least read articles that you can learn from.

23. Let it go.
It was hard letting go of things I couldn't control. I thought I could control them but nope. You're stressing yourself way too much by holding onto things that no longer serve you. Let go, let God and trust in the process that everything will come to you naturally once you let go.

24. Traveling is important.
Growing up I wanted to travel, even on my own. People didn't believe I could take care of myself by traveling on my own and with friends. Yet I did. I remember 5 years ago I wanted to travel to New York City and London. 5 Years later I finally did it. I never wanted to stay in one place forever, so traveling to other countries meant I will see new places. I got to see new, fresh places. I got to meet people during my travel. I got to see places and museums that I always wanted to see. I feel suddenly charged up and with new, fresh energy after coming back home from vacation. You have a new outlook at life when you meet different cultures and countries. You become more wise, confident, experienced and independent when you travel on your own.

25. I love myself.
I became better at loving myself and believing I can do anything I set my mind to. I refuse to settle down for less. I refuse to have bad friends in my life just because I feel lonely. I'd rather be alone than in a bad company. Being alone is boring sometimes, but being in constant drama with other people is a headache for me. As years go by I have become much better at loving myself. I practice self-love and get to know myself better every day. It was so hard to love myself in the beginning, but now it's easy to remind myself how beautiful I am outside and inside. It's not to sound narcissistic, but it is important to have a love for yourself before loving others. It's so important I can't stress you enough.

These are the 25 life lessons I've learned about life in just 25 years of my life.

I'm excited to see what life will teach me in the upcoming years.

It feels good to be on level 25!

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