27 Signs She Is A Good Girlfriend

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Sometimes people are not sure how to list all the things that make a woman a good girlfriend. Women nowadays have the appearance but not the personality and quality. They look beautiful on the outside but don't have great qualities on the inside. It's definitely hard to find a woman with all the amazing qualities because most women are robotic these days. They're all egotistical and only care about their looks. I'm here to show you there are some women out there in this world with great qualities, that you didn't believe existed in them.

They are out there, we just have to look and try harder. Just ask for one and she will be delivered to you. Keep looking for the woman with good girlfriend qualities.
It will take some time to find someone who can be a good girlfriend. Just have patience and believe she is out there. I have made a list of all the things that makes a woman a good girlfriend to you.

These are the top 27 signs she is a good girlfriend.

1. She Cares About Your Heart
She wants to know how you feel emotionally. She wants to know how your day has been. She is willing to listen if you've had a bad day. She checks up on your once here and there. She is willing to know what you deeply wish for and will do anything to make you smile.

2. She Has Her Own Opinion
She is not afraid to speak her own mind and make you think differently about a situation from her perspective. She'll not change her mind unless you have won the argument and made her think.

3. She Respects You As A Person
She respects you as the person you are today. It's the core of your soul that she respects completely. The person you are deep inside, that's who she respects. She knows you're a little different than her and she has respect for that. She respects you when you help the elder and the youngsters. When you take care of your family and friends.

4. She'll Call You Out For Your Crap With No Filter
If you do something stupid like making wrong decisions and being unreasonable, she'll call you out for your crap. Because she cares about you. It's one hell of tough love from her side. If she didn't care about you, she wouldn't confront you but walk away.

5. She Challenges You To Become A Better Person
As much as you find her irritating at the moment or thinking she is being "Judgemental", she will challenge you against your belief and opinion. She'll give you new information. She will say something controversial and thought-provoking that'll help you think differently and largely and become smarter and open-minded. She'll give you tips and advice on how to improve your character as a person and guide with you.

6. She Takes A Lot of Your Crap
It's a love/hate relationship. When you're being stubborn and an idiot, she is the calm one, still staying by your side, because she cares about you, and knows you're not being yourself right now at the moment. She is calm because she is being the bigger person in the room. Even though you did or said things that disappointed her a little bit, she chooses to not complain about it, hoping that you'll realize it yourself.

7. She Is Interested In Your Passion
When you're showing your work or talking about your work, she'll give you all the attention. She doesn't mind hearing you talk about your work, because she knows it's your passion that gives you joy. She doesn't have her eyes glued to her smartphone when you talk about your passion. She puts it to the side and has her eyes glued to you when you talk about your passion.

8. She Supports Your Dream
She gets extremely excited and enthusiastic when you've accomplished one of your goals. She loves to see you thrilled and excited, so she gets thrilled and excited too! She will celebrate it with you. If she has ideas, advice, and tips on how to reach your dream, she'll give it to you.

9. She Is Not Afraid To Say You're Wrong
If you're full of crap and have a narrow-minded perspective on a subject, she'll say you're being wrong. She is bold about it. Sometimes she'll own you in a conversation. She has a higher perspective on many subjects that you know a little about and she'll make you wiser by giving telling you why you're wrong and coming with a great argument that you haven't really thought about.

10. She Is Very Patient With You
She knows you're a human being with flaws and it takes time for you to improve little by little. She is patient because she can see you've improved because she told you things you didn't want to hear, but needed to hear in order to grow, and she can see that improvement on you. Despite you can't see the improvement in yourself clearly. She has faith in you that you can grow and evolve.

11. She Respects Your Privacy
You are not her property and she is not your property. You trust each other completely. She is not interested in invading your privacy, because that is of course very rude and disrespectful. She doesn't even want you to invade her privacy. She is not even interested in checking on your smartphone and who you're talking to.

12. She Gives You Space
She gives you plenty of space if you feel like going out for fresh air. If you need time for yourself for a while, she will respect that and not contact you for a while, until you feel ready to speak again. If you had a bad day and doesn't wanna talk to anyone, she'll too give you space and not reach out to you, if you tell her.

13. She Is Not A Thot
Very controversial said but I'm speaking on behalf of those guys I've talked to platonically. Sometimes traditions HAVE a beautiful value. Never underestimate that. No real man wants to be with a woman who jumps on every guy she meets. They want a woman with dignity and self-respect. Enough self-respect to not show her vulnerable body to everyone she sees at the moment. It's only given to the only guy who loves her for who she is. She is a respectful woman with great self-control. Partying every week, getting drunk and dirty is not her thing. She would rather go to a cafe with her family and friends and have a cozy time with her loved ones. She is an amazing woman rare to find because she respects herself enough to not jump on every guy she meets.

14. She Is Both Tough and Gentle
She is gentle to those who respect her and tough to those who disrespect her, whether it's a stranger on the street or someone she knows well about. She is also tough if you're being stupid and unreasonable with her. She'll not tolerate being disrespected. She is also gentle when she cares for you, holds you, kisses you and spoils you with lots of love and attention. She is sensitive to your needs and pain. She opens your heart with her gentleness.

15. She Has Only Eyes For You
She'll block hungry boys who try to message her. She doesn't care about sixpack guys jogging topless when you're both taking a walk. She'll always think you're way more handsome. She doesn't care about any other guys walking around, because her eyes are glued to your beauty. She has only eyes for you and no one else.

16. She Is Funny
She has humor and a funny person. She'll make you cringe and laugh with her jokes. Her jokes are funny, sentimental, and corny and she has no shame about it. She comes up with cheesy jokes and loves to make you laugh, even in your bad days. She loves you so much, she wants to crack jokes to you, just to see you smile. She makes people laugh. Having a girlfriend who comes up with funny jokes makes the relationship lighter, and easier.

17. She Is Clingy (In A Good Way)
She is clingy in a good way because once you come home from work she'll jump on you to give you a big hug. She'll leave you with lots of kisses and hugs! She loves spoiling you because she thinks you deserve it. She just wanna be close to you and hold you tight. She wants to hold your hand to feel protected. She wants to lay her head over your shoulder. She checks up on you once in a while and sends you good morning/night texts.  She loves hearing your voice and sees you once in a while. You bring her comfort and protection.

18. She Loves Herself
She loved herself before she loved you. She still loves herself. She knows to not love anyone first but herself. She is her own best friend and doesn't mind being away for a little while because she is not attached to you. She goes out to do her nails with her best friends and has a fun time. She does things that make her happy. She practices self-love as daily as she can. She loves you because she loved herself first. She takes care of her mental health, inner beauty, and her outer beauty.

19. She Gives You Gifts
She'll give you gifts as she promised, and don't mind surprising you with gifts if she had to. She loves to see you smile and make your day with sweet gifts and letters. She wants to spoil the hell out of you with gifts because you deserve it in her eyes. That's a sweet way of her showing her affection towards you.

20. She Makes You Feel Not Alone
She makes you feel whole and complete. She's a light to you making you feel appreciated and understood. You feel like she understands you and accepts you as the person you are. She handles you a lot and is used to see you being goofy and silly sometimes. You both click so well together and can talk about anything in the world.

21. She Calms You Down
Because she is a chill person. She makes you feel sane and calms you down when you're angry at someone else. She'll let you rant out till you're done and not say anything but just listen to you. She'll talk you out of anxiety and anger with her femininity. She'll make you feel like everything will be okay again and that you're not in this struggle on your own. She'll be by your side and calm you by making you laugh, kiss you, hug you and have your focus on something else to make you feel calm again.

22. She Motivates You
She motivates you to make it through the day. When you feel like you're not making any progress with your passion, she'll tell you all the reasons why you're making huge progress with your passion. She'll tell you how you're her biggest fan when it comes to your passion. She inspires you to be motivative every day.

23. She Is Positive
She finds solutions to every problem. She is optimistic about every issue and doesn't find every issue as being the end of the world. When you're negative about a situation and don't think something is working out, she'll tell you to not worry and that there will be a way to make a specific thing work out.

24. She Respects Your Family and Friends
She knows you love your family and friends. They're very important to you, and she respects those who are very important to you. She respects your family and friends because she loves you enough to respect other important people in your life who helped to shape you into becoming the person that you are today.

25. She Believes in You.
She knows you'll make it. She believes you can do anything in life. She'll be by your side and tell you that you got this. She knows you can do it. She believed in you before you believed in yourself.

26. She Is Loyal
She sticks with you through thick and thin. She'll never leave you by your side. She is there to comfort you when you're about to burst out crying. If you ever came in an accident or hurt yourself, she'll run to you immediately as soon as possible just to take care of you and be by yourself because she is truly worried about losing you.

27. She Is Romantic
She is a hopeless romantic. She appreciates the moments of having a romantic dinner with you. She will make herself look good just to show her off to you. She wants to watch romantic movies with you while cuddling with you, even though her mascara runs down at the end of the movie. She is a good kisser too. She wants to have a slow dance with you. She loves it when you buy her flowers and invite her to a romantic dinner. She has passion.

These are just many of the signs of what makes a good girlfriend. I've nothing much else to say. I hope you've gained new insight on this topic. You're one lucky man if you've found a woman who is crazy in love with you and will do everything for you! Don't drop that diamond. It's one heavy diamond because it holds all the great qualities that make it a good diamond.


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