Become A Risk Taker: You'll Grow As A Person

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You'll never make progress if you don't take risks.

First of all: Take risks in life carefully and wisely.

I'm not talking about doing stupid, irresponsible things such as jumping from a plane without a parachute and believe you can fly. I'm not talking about taking stupid, irrational risks that have consequences and can be dangerous to you. I'm not talking about setting yourself on fire, because someone did it online. People do stupid things online, that doesn't mean you should take it as a challenge and do it yourself because some stupid people make terrible, stupid choices online. That's just being overconfident and plain stupid, which can be risky for your life. I'll talk more about that in my upcoming next articles.

Taking risks wisely and carefully will lead you to a new open door that will guide you to your dream.
The reason why you're still staying in the same miserable place is that you're afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is your safe space, but you won't grow as an individual if you don't step out of your comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable, believe me. It seems scary at first, but the more you step out of your comfort zone and take risks, the more confident you'll be and you'll realize it's not that bad to get out of your comfort zone, as your thoughts make it out to be.

It's better to take the risk and try than don't do anything and regret not doing it later on. You won't get what you want if you don't take risks. Who's gonna take the risks for you? No one will take the risks for you, except you. Only you have the power to take risks in life. If you wanna make a change in your life, then take some risks. Do what scares you the most. Go on that stage and tell your life story to the audience, even if you're a shy, introvert person who never spoke to thousands of audiences before. Ask your crush out, even when your heart is beating faster each minute. It's better to know and be rejected by your crush than to think and never know the truth.

"Do one thing every day that scares you.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt.

It's the uncomfortable path that leads us to grow as an individual. It's not the easy path that'll get you what you want, because you have to work hard to achieve your dream. Good things never come easy. The easy road will only give you what you're comfortable with from the beginning.
Growth happens in you when you experience obstacles, battle, pain, suffering, resistance, and discomfort. It's only when you continue doing whatever it takes to get your dream that you will succeed. Be a little stubborn if you want to achieve your dream. You have to desire it enough that you will sacrifice for it.

We have to be vulnerable, because if we aren't being vulnerable then we won't grow out of our comfort zone. We won't be able to unlock who we're truly meant to be if we don't change our life by taking daring steps.

"Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise."
- Unknown.

About this quote from above: Just because you take risks doesn’t mean you’ll succeed every time. Sometimes you won’t succeed but you become wise about the situation and have learned something new from it. You might take risks and fail 1,000 times before you succeed. That’s how it happened with successful people. The biggest regret is not taking risks.

Travel the world on your own or with your friends. That way you’ll become more independent. You’re proving that you can take care of yourself. Travel on your own or with your trust-worthy friends, even if it seems scary and thrilling at first. That's how you grow independent.
We don’t take risks, because we’re afraid of the emotion we feel if we fail. Feeling disappointed and a failure makes us feel embarrassed and wants to hide away from the world for the rest of our life. No, embrace the failure and stay resilient. Dust yourself off and try again. Stay resilient if you fail. Be bold and a little stubborn. Try again. That’s a winner mindset. Don’t be embarrassed to fail. Embrace both success and failure. You learn from both of them.

Don’t take it personally when you fail. I mean what's the WORST thing that could happen if you don't take risks? If no one can answer you this, then who can? You'll fail, but so what? You learned something from it. You grew wiser. You didn't die. No one died. No one came in an accident. If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

Don’t ask yourself “Why do I always fail?” or else life will show you more of why you always fail. Instead, ask yourself:
“What can I learn from this failure?”

Failure is part of taking risks in life. Successful people take lots of risks in life. They fail many times but they got up again and stayed resilient and stubborn till they succeed.
Believe me, it's better to try and be disappointed than to avoid and regret it later.

Take risks in life wisely and carefully, and believe you can do it.

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