I Don't Believe In Thinking Positive Only

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I’m not being negative or pessimistic. I’m not a naysayer either nor a big fan of negative thinking too, in fact, I’m being realistic about this whole situation. I just find it funny how people would say you have to think positive all the time. It sounds like they are delusional, in my eyes. If your loved one died or got cancer, should you still think positive? No, you have to be mentally strong in those hard situations, not positive. We can’t force ourselves to think positive all the time. We are human beings with lots of emotions. You can't think positive all the time, because life is not all rainbow and colors all the time. There is suffering in this world, and you will experience suffering at one point.

Yes, of course, you should be positive and have a positive mindset in life. I want everyone to be happy and have a positive mindset in life. Just don’t overdo it to the point it harms your mental health. Don’t even think negative thoughts all the time. That's also detrimental to your mental health.
When you're at your worst and have a breakdown, the last thing you want someone to say is “Think positive.”

You just get more frustrated and irritated, because you want some understanding at the moment. You want the person to just listen to you. That's all. You just can't go to someone who is diagnosed with clinical depression and tell them to think positive. It doesn't work that way for them.

Sometimes it’s okay to be angry. You lash out all the negativity in your body to feel better again. You feel better because you have yelled out all your frustrations, anger, sadness, and irritations from your body. You choose to let it out to feel better, which is a positive outcome than just bottle it up the toxicity inside that will continuously bottle up and kill you mentally.

Sometimes you think negative about a situation because your plan, idea or strategy didn’t work out, and it leads you to the next step: Getting a better plan, idea or strategy. A plan B. That's a positive outcome. I think you have to be a little negative to achieve a positive outcome if it is done right. You don’t get a positive outcome by throwing tantrums and not do anything about it. That’s not how it works.

You can be frustrated and negative because something didn’t work so you come up with a plan B to fix a solution or to make the plan/idea/strategy work better. You have to fail 100 times and be frustrated about it before you succeed. The positive outcome doesn’t come easily. You have to go through a lot of obstacles and battles before a positive outcome becomes a reality.

Suffering in life will make you mentally strong, bold and robust. To only think and see positive in life can make you blind and naive into thinking there isn't negativity in the world. It's an unrealistic way to see this world. You should be comfortable in thinking both positive AND negative without feeling the resentment. Change the way you react to negative thinking.

I'm not encouraging you into thinking negative. I'm only saying that, if it happens, then let them come. Because negative thinking will leave again. Observe them as they are naturally sliding away, which they always do. Unless you give more attention and energy to negative thinking, then it will never go away. Observe the negative thoughts without emotions and watch them vanish by themselves.

When you are being overly-positive it can become dangerous for your mental health. Being positive all the time, even in tragic situations just seems like you’re mentally trying to escape the pain because you can't deal with the negative emotions such as sadness and anger. There is nothing wrong with seeing the good and the bad in everything.

You need to RELAX!
Some people think positive ALL the time 24/7 and every second of the day because they’re so afraid a negative thought will pop up in their head and destroy their whole day. That means you can never give your mind a rest. You HAVE to give your mind a rest. Overly-positivity can also make you miserable because you expect things to go well and when it doesn’t go well, you become disappointed and shocked at how it didn’t work out. You start to have too much expectation from thinking positive. To think positive only is being a positive-maniac, I think. Happiness-insanity can become destructive. Too much of anything is destructive. Balance everything in your life.

There is nothing wrong with feeling the anger when someone has betrayed you or the injustice has happened. There is nothing wrong with feeling heartbroken when you and your ex broke up. There is nothing wrong with feeling joy and happiness when your child just got born. There is nothing wrong with feeling empathy for the sick and elderly people. It's time to allow yourself to let emotions flow through you. Don't run away from it, embrace them.

You can think positive all you want about your life goal as you're sitting on the couch, eating junk food and watching TV and never accomplish that goal. No, you need to have a winner-mentality AND get out of your home and take physical actions to reach closer to your dream goal. That's what I believe in. Believe you can do it, and do something about it.

To be positive all the time just to avoid negative emotions and regress your inner sadness is a bad thing. That’s why some people say “I am fine.” When they aren’t fine. They are fooling themselves into believing they are alright when they are miserable. It’s a problem if you are being hard on yourself for not being positive enough. Don't punish yourself like that.

To me, there is a difference in thinking positive all the time and have a winner-mentality. I believe in having a winner-mentality and then take physical action into reaching your goal, for whatever it is.

Embrace both sides.

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