It's Important To Have Someone You Can Share Everything With

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It's never healthy to live your life without having someone special in your life, whom you can talk to about everything in life. Life feels very uncomfortable and unsafe if you have no one you can count on and share everything with. I'm extremely grateful and humbled to have few people in my life, whom I can literally share everything with. I can tell them how I feel after having a great or bad day. I feel empathy for those who are lonely and don't have anyone they can talk to. They are all alone in this world. I would see them watch a movie in the cinema on their own while others came to see a movie with their family and friends. I  see them eat on their own in a restaurant and their energy screams loneliness. It's heartbreaking. I feel sorry for them.

You feel less alone in this world, if you have someone you can talk to about anything and understands you. It can be your mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, friend, partner, etc. I believe people get pets like dogs and cats to feel less alone and have company around them. They may not talk the same language as humans, but their presence helps people feel less lonely. I think people who are depressed and always home should have a dog as a company because dogs need to go for a walk every day and it helps the depressed people have a reason to go out every day and be active on a daily basis and have social interaction with other dog owners.

Having a pet definitely helps, but it's still important to have another human being in your life who talks in human language. People just don't see a reason to live if they have no one who understands them. It's motivational to have someone in your life who helps you to get throughout life. You feel like a human again after having a 1-hour conversation with someone you trust. You're not supposed to battle life and handle suffering on your own. I think people go to a therapist because they have no one else to talk to in their life.

A person would live in their own head and have a hard time expressing themselves vocally if they grew up having no one to talk to about anything in the world. The person would be able to express themselves vocally if they had someone who talks to them every single day and can have a long conversation with, like a parent to their child. It's a practice itself to express yourself.

It's so important to have someone you can talk to and understands you and helps you to cope with life. It's a therapy in itself. You can always count on them and they will make sure you're not alone in the world. They fulfill you soulfully. You'll find a better way to deal with your bad days when you have someone who comments on your bad days and tells you the best way to deal with it and you have a second opinion from someone else other than your own opinion. Sure you can come from a big family and go to school and work and still feel lonely because everyone in your family and the social group doesn't understand you and cares about you. They are not someone you can talk to about anything because they're ignorant and cold.

It really helps to have someone you can talk to about your day and the hard situations you're going through. You feel heard and a human again. You feel confident that you can handle anything in life when you have someone beside you. Life is hard to cope without having someone beside you telling you that's it's gonna be okay and you can make it. You just feel mattered and important again. They keep their promises to you and gives you a hug whenever you need one.

Even having a pet as your company is enough to feel less alone and more loved.
Having someone in your life makes life much easier for you. You have the motivation to work hard and follow your dreams. You feel confident with yourself.

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