It's Okay To Cry, You're Just A Human Being

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Crying comes from a broken heart. It’s like a knife that has stabbed your heart 50 times and you feel lifeless. No one has seen you cry. You go to the bathroom or your bedroom to cry for a brief moment and come out again as if nothing happened. No one knew you just cried. We even cry when we don’t cry. You know how? Our eyes are filled with sadness and emptiness. They say our eyes are the window to our soul. Our soul is crying and we can see that on a person whose’s eyes are sad and empty without having tears in their eyes. Our eyes show how empty our souls are. It’s a shattered, broken soul that has been betrayed many times by the ones we love the most. Crying explains the feelings we can’t articulate into words.

You cry for many reasons. You cry because you have been abused and bullied for too long. It makes you think that you’re not good enough and it’s better to just hide in a room for the rest of your life. You apologize a lot. You feel you have to apologize for everything small things you say or do. Simply because your past abuser told you that everything you do is not good enough. That you’ll never be good enough. They would find the smallest things to blame you for. That's why you apologize a lot to people and cry in your own dark room because you feel you’re not good enough. They ruined your mental health and self-esteem.

Hear me out:
You ARE good enough.

What’s worse is if you regress emotionally and haven’t cried before. You want to cry but you can't because otherwise, people will tell you to stop crying or man up. They’ll mock you for crying because they think you’re seeking attention.

Yes God damn you seek the attention of course. You seek validation and love. You’re crying out for attention because you’ve been hurting for too long and no one dared to ask you wants wrong and give you a hug. You have been neglected since your traumatic childhood. You just want to love and be loved in return.

Who doesn’t want love? We won’t survive in this world without love. The world becomes hateful without love. People do crazy, hurtful things to each other because they grew up not receiving love from their parents.

No, I’m not talking about those who cry intentionally to get their way. They are just spoiled, manipulative people who are seeking attention for the wrong reasons.

You feel like something is wrong with you. The worst is when you hide your sadness and never cry again after your family member or a person from school tells you to stop whining.
Regress your sadness and the urge to cry and you will bottle up all your emotions. The more you lock your emotions inside you - The worse it will be for your own mental health.
Your emotions have been locked up for too long they can’t breathe anymore. Your emotions are suffocating because you regress them.

Don’t cry because you only got 50 likes on your post. Cry for good reason. Cry if someone broke your heart. Cry because your loved one just passed away. Cry if someone damaged your appearance. Cry if you’ve been in a car accident. Cry if your pet died. Cry for having PTSD from being a soldier in a cruel war. Cry to release the pain from your childhood trauma. Cry if someone degrades you and aims to destroy your self-esteem
You’re a human being with emotions and that’s okay. Seek help if you want to. Write down your emotions on paper. It’s therapeutic. Don’t hold your feelings inside, whether your a man or woman, just cry. Real men cry. Real people cry.

Just cry to those who care about you. Don’t cry in front of toxic people. They just see it as an opportunity to break you even more. They see a weakness to destroy. They don’t see vulnerability. Stand up and cry later. Be tough and harsh to them and cry later when you’re alone or with a good-hearted person around you.

We have been taught to not talk about our emotions and mental health. That’s why people keep their thoughts to themselves and harm themselves or other people. They have no one to talk to or even care about them. No one listens to them or takes them seriously. They’re too fed up in their own life.
Crying is not a sign of weakness.

Don't cry over not having 1,000 followers. That’s a plain stupid reason to cry about.

Crying is a sign of vulnerability and strength. You have been strong for too long and can’t hold it back anymore.

It’s brave to walk up to a person crying and say:
“I need help. I’m not feeling well.”
Not many people will do that. It takes strength to ask for help.

We don’t just cry because we’re sad. We cry tears of joy too!

We cry when we see how beautiful nature is. We cry when we see our first newborn baby for the first time because how could we make something so beautiful by making love and how can the child be so pure? There is no way the child hasn’t been with God before they were born. God made them in the woman's womb. We just want to protect the baby from the cruel world. We cry because we have finally received our dream job after years of struggling to achieve it with obstacles and battles. We cry when we see our loved ones graduating.

We cry because we see achievement and beauty in life.

Crying it out is like letting it go. You let go of all the pain, sadness, tears, frustration and anger by crying it out. The more you hold onto these negative emotions the longer they will stay and haunt you. The more you cry them out the more relieved you’ll feel afterward.

We cry at the end of the day in our dark room. Because we have been working the whole day yet feel lonely and have trouble overcoming past traumas. Flashbacks from domestic abuse, neglection, betrayal and cruel words that we never forgot. We just feel so stupidly alone in this world yet we are still alive and around stupid people who don’t get us. We wonder how we are still alive when others in our situation would have ended their life a long time ago.

You’ll feel SO MUCH BETTER after crying it out. Let it all out. You’re not weak for crying.

It’s brave to cry.

You’re beautiful for crying.

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