It's Okay To Not Post Blog Articles Everyday

Source of image: Unsplash

Some people say you should post EVERY single day to have a successful blog.
I never think it’s a good idea to stress and push yourself into posting every single day. Don't feel pressured, if it's stressful. I feel you should post when you truly have the energy and time for it. People are very different, some likes to post 2-3 articles every day, while others just post once per month. I would say that if you just post an article at least once per week or month, you’re making the process. Even baby steps. Small steps.

I’d only recommend posting consistently. Whether it’s once every week or once per month, so you show a little sign of being active in your content.

Just give yourself time to think about what you want to blog about. Don’t force an idea. Never force an idea about what to blog next, just because you haven’t posted for a day. It’s not the end of the world. It’s going to be alright. The ideas of what to blog about will come to you out of the blue when you don’t stress yourself and doing something else to get your mind off something else, for example watching a movie or going out. That’s when you suddenly get some ideas for your next blog post.
That’s what happens to me. I would go out and do something else. I would bike in a local park or listening to music for example and suddenly good ideas for my next blog post would come and I need to write them down, in case I forget the idea.

I think it’s perfectly fine you don’t post everyday. I have no problem with not posting everyday. I have zero issues about it. I think it’s great if you do it and you should definitely continue posting every day if that’s your passion. More power to you, if you always post daily and always have ideas for your next blog post. Just don't ever stress yourself into blogging every day, if it makes you feel pressured. Take it easy.

People just prefer to plan their blog differently, in their own single way.
The great thing about blogging is that you’re your own boss and the only one who decides when to post and when not to post. Isn’t that great? No one pushes you to blog every day. You choose that yourself.

I’d rather not post everyday and create excellent blog articles once per week with good content than post every day with dry blog articles just because I force myself to post about SOMETHING. Take your time to write down good blog articles and decide which one you wanna post and which one goes to the trash.

I think posting every day can kill the fun of blogging, if you think that way, especially, if you dislike blogging every day and don’t earn money from it.
I’d only recommend posting a blog article daily, if you like blogging every day, that’s when I applaud you for doing something you enjoy!

I’ve had this thought for a while but I think the mystery is power. If you post blog articles every day, you’re no longer mysterious to your readers. Whereas if you haven’t posted for a while and suddenly a new blog post has been released on your blog site, that’s what makes readers excited because they have waited to read a new article from you for a while and it’s finally here.

The reason why I say that it's fine to not post every day is that I honestly don’t read every blog post from a blogger every day or follow up with all the latest posts on my social media content. If I did that, my hands would be glued to my smartphone/laptop forever and the whole day. I'd never had time for myself and my loved ones or do important things during my day. Another reason is it can be overwhelming for me if someone posts every day because it can look a little bit spammy for me. I don't always feel like that, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Some people might feel the same way or they just LOVE daily content from someone they follow.

I don't even go to the grocery store every day and some people just don't work out daily, but they are still consistent and making progress like a blogger would, even if they don't post a new blog article every day. There are just some things you don't do every, single day and it's alright as long as you are consistent in some way or another.

When I first launched my blog (You can find my site on the bottom) I had no idea what to write about. I would only post a couple of times a week in the first year. Now I am writing daily, if not every second day because it has become slowly become a routine for me to write and post daily. Sometimes I only post once per week and sometimes daily and sometimes a few times a month, if I am on vacation/break.

It's alright to not post every day if you feel pressured and it's alright to post daily if that's your passion. Just take it easy and post at your own speed.


  1. I definitely like and appreciate your perspective on this. I just simply cannot do a blog everyday when to produce one with SEO/Keyword content, graphics and being ideally 1500-2000 words, it literally takes me up to 8 hours to complete. So I do it in 2 days, the first day is SEO research, blog outline and all the graphics created in Canva Pro, then actually writing the next day. I'm lucky to get one out every 10 days but I am consistent. Well written article btw!

  2. Good post! It's easy to stress about posting every day or even every week, and then procrastinate because it seems like too much pressure! Having someone affirm that its OK to post on your own personal schedule be that every day, every week or once a month, can be just what you need to hear.

  3. I absolutely love and NEEDED this post. I am not a daily blogger at all. I find that I write my best stuff when it's on my own time and not forced. There is so much pressure to post frequently it can be discouraging.