Let’s Talk About Women Who Take Advantage of Men

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I grew up with acquaintances who I stumble upon sometimes. They are elderly couples. The husband is the quiet, casual, relaxed man in the room and then I see his wife. A dominating person. I have to say I’m embarrassed to be a woman sometimes.

I've seen men being accused of sexual harassment by women who are only after money, and revenge even though the woman has changed her story many times, and have no evidence to prove her story. I’m tired of seeing women showing interest to a guy once she finds out he’s a wealthy man. The status of a man is more important than his honorable character in her mind. He has money but does he intelligence, loyalty, respect, and humbleness?

I see the man working 24/7 to create a future together with his woman yet she complains about the silliest things such as “He never does anything for me” and “He never gives me attention.” How old are you? A 12-year-old princess who needs love and attention all the time, because you don’t love yourself? Women would say guys are trash yet they aren’t better themselves.

They want everything they point at and have zero respect nor understanding for their honorable, hard-working man who works till he sweats just to provide for his partner and their family and yet she still complains that he doesn’t do good enough. Some women believe they are God’s gift to the world and can’t see past their own flaws. They believe they are perfect and most men are trash. Once a man corrects his woman, she turns into an angry demon, throwing tantrums about how perfect she is and no one should correct her.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to generalize every woman and man. I know there are men out there who take advantage of some poor,  good, vulnerable women. I know some men are selfish and trash. I know some women are beautiful, intelligent and loyal.

Sadly there are also women out there who take advantage of men yet have an easier time to get away with it because she is a female. A different treatment because of gender differences. She will not care about your feelings and force you to care about her feelings.

Being a simple, decent man is however never good enough for a woman. A woman can complain about how she always runs into scumbags, yet when she finds a loyal, decent man who does everything for her and spoils her, she leaves him for another scumbag. Are you really this confused that you don't know if you want a scumbag or a decent man? These women leave a good, decent man because he is now "boring" for her. You know what? Relationships CAN be boring sometimes. It's not a bad or good thing. It's just what it is when you have been with someone for a long time. It can be both boring and exciting. Relationships can't always be fireworks and ecstasy. The hypocrisy of those women is unbelievable.

It saddens me a woman thinks she can sit on her throne and expect her man to kiss her feet. To men out there, you deserve better than this. You can't treat her like a queen and expects reward back with these type of women. You'll only hurt yourself more. You can buy her flowers, clothes, jewelry, and shoes but she'll never think you are doing good enough for her and here is the hard truth: She can easily replace you with someone else. It's possible she is sleeping with another man as both of you are still in a relationship. It's possible she slept with another man the day before you took her to dinner and bought her flowers. She'll never see your worth and unique character.

You deserve better than this. Respect is earned. If she has proved her worth to you, you can spoil her as much as you want to, as long there is reciprocity and you feel like doing it without being forced to it. Love yourself enough to walk away from these types of women who take advantage of you and set boundaries for yourself. Women today speaks openly about setting boundaries, but I don't see men talking about setting boundaries for themselves in those situations. I don't see that often, but it needs to happen. Set boundaries for yourself and have a high standard. Don't date a woman who uses you, just because you feel lonely. You'll end up feeling more miserable and empty. Sometimes these types of women will stay in a relationship with you because of you ALLOW her to use and take advantage of you without getting in trouble.

These women would complain about never getting enough attention from their man, yet she says he is needy when he texts her and asks about her day. Don't worry though, once these types of women replace you, she'll be treated badly because she has chosen a scumbag over a nice, decent guy like you. Hopefully, she will realize you are better than the scumbag if she has common sense and a brain. Maybe she will never realize it.

Don't be lured by the woman's outer beauty, because it can be a demon inside. You'll be lured by her looks and start a relationship with her. That's when she sees the opportunity to use you as you're blindly in love with her. She can accuse you of something you didn't do out of revenge. You need to run away as soon as possible. These are dangerous women.  That woman will try to make you jealous by flirting with other people in front of you, which is immature.

If it's a one-sided relationship where you do everything for her, and she still thinks you're an idiot, then leave the relationship as soon as possible. She doesn't deserve your effort, loyalty, and hard work. She doesn't even have the right to beat you and get away with it, just because she is a woman. A woman who takes advantage of you only wants you to take her to fancy restaurants and buy expensive clothes for her. If you just buy her budget-friendly clothes and takes her to casual restaurants, she gets angry at you. That's not a woman, but a spoiled, egotistical, little girl. Notice if you always do special things for her, but she never does special things for you. Only a loyal, good, intelligent woman would do that for you.

It's very hypocritical a woman doesn't want a man because he is short, yet thinks a man is shallow and judgemental if he fires back at her saying he doesn't want a woman because she is overweight.

They would complain a man leaves because she is no longer looking like a model after giving birth, yet these women would leave a man if he goes from being financially stable to financially broke. There is nothing wrong with finding a woman with both beauty and intelligence just like there is nothing wrong with finding a man with both financial stability and intelligence. Just don't seek a partner ONLY because of beauty and career status.

You have the right to be treated like a man with love, appreciation, praise, and respect. You deserve a real, beautiful, intelligent woman who treats you like a King. Who gives you space to be yourself. A real woman who is not only your partner but your teammate and best friend who helps you when you need help. You deserve a woman who drops everything to check up on you after you have been in an accident. That's a loyal woman. Just be very careful when you select a woman. You deserve the best.


  1. I love this article. It is so true...

  2. This article seriously made my day. Thank you!

  3. Unfortunately this is true. I have been loyal, faithful. Visit when I can. Put plans aside to be with her. Call often. Admittedly inattentive at times...but something I actively work on.

    What reward do I get ? Being constantly told that I'm not trying hard enough, constantly making the conversation about her feelings all the usual "its boring" and "i'm not paying enough attention"....6 months before the wedding, after we have already announced it to all our family and co-workers.

    If this isn't resolved by couple's counselling then I feel like some VERY sexist ideas will take root in my head. If we split up that would be 10 years of my life investmenet wasted.