Life Will Never Be Good, If You're Ungrateful

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As children, we were mesmerized by all the beauty around us, even the smallest things. As we grow up we start to overlook the good things around us. Media shows us that the world is nothing but war, destruction, and deadly. Our gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone around us start to fade away as work and school stress us out. People today have an easier time to complain about all the bad things in their life. They never show gratitude for the good things they have in their life. People become grumpy and ungrateful. They're blinded to see the beauty in life. It's like they have lost life inside of them. Nothing will ever satisfy them. Ask yourself why you won't allow yourself to feel gratitude.

How can you expect to live a blissful life, if you're always complaining about how your life is not good enough? How long does it take before you appreciate the smallest things in life and realize who are the important people in your life? Some people have a loved one suddenly pass away and those people have realized how ungrateful they have been to their specific loved one. They wish they showed more love and appreciation to their loved ones. Even that it's too late because their loved one won't come back. That's a lesson learned in the hardest way.

I've listened to people's testimonies from having a near-death experience and some of them have said after coming back to life, they started to appreciate the smallest things in life and hold their loved ones extra tighter, because they saw their whole life in front of them at the other side and realized how ignorant and ungrateful they've been. Their egos lowered down for a moment and they saw what they did wrong. Those testimonies have always intrigued me, as they carry important life lessons.

You get mad at some specific, few people in your life, who challenge you and triggers you because they care about you and say thought-provoking things to you, so you can change for the good. Instead, show appreciation for them for helping you cultivate your personality and character because believe me, no one else will guide you like those important people in your life, no matter how much you find them irritating.

Gratitude is love. If you find it hard to show appreciation and gratitude for anything in your life, then start with the smallest, and build it up from that It's like a snowball effect. You can start to show appreciation for anything, from a butterfly, birds singing, the colors, sounds, music, being able to breathe. From having eyes to see colors of life, ears to hear the music, nose to smell food, mouth to speak your passion. From having arms to hug your pet and loved one to having legs to jog in nature. You're more blessed than you realize. Blessings are right in front of your eyes, but you can't see it yet.

Show appreciation, even when things get tough. Still, show appreciation in your toughest time and your gratitude will multiply. It gives you more to be grateful for.

When you break up with the love of your life, see the good part in it. Maybe you two just need to be separated for a while to realize how important you are to each other. Maybe you two being together was a lesson to prepare for both of your next one true love. Maybe you'll realize later on in life that you're happy it never lasted because you can finally see how toxic your ex was.

You're supposed to ask yourself
"Why is it so easy for me to be grateful and FEEL the gratitude for the littlest things in my life?" 

Don't ever force gratitude. Let the gratitude feel natural. Gratitude comes from the heart. It has to come from the heart and be felt within your soul. Don't be grateful to have a partner who provides you even though your partner is toxic, abusive and narcissistic. That's not the way to feel grateful. Be grateful for the things that are good and healthy for your soul. You'll never feel like your life is great, if you don't notice the beautiful side of life, which the media never shows you, then you'll never feel truly blessed and lucky. You'll feel lucky and blessed in life if you start noticing the beautiful side of life. You'll suddenly feel like your life is not so bad overall, and the issue has always been you not being grateful for the good things in life. Your perspective on your life will mostly change for the good after you start to feel the gratitude for everything in your life.

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