Quit Overthinking, It's Not Worth It

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It's not uncommon that anxious and depressed people are overthinking. 
Overthinking kills your health. It’s a waste of time to overthinking about stuff that shouldn’t have all the attention from us. Be realistic in a moment and ask yourself: 

What do you benefit from overthinking?  
Is it useful or unhealthy to overthink? 
Will overthinking help fixing my problems? 

You become stressed out and stress leads to disease. That’s why it’s called dis-ease because you’re not in ease with your own body, mind, and soul.  You experience insomnia. It’s hard for you to sleep because you keep thinking for hours and don’t get any peace within yourself.  I think most people only start overthinking when they go to sleep because that's when they have time for themselves to think about how their day went, what they could have done better, why they didn't do better, why they didn't do this, why they didn't do that, why, why, why... 

The overthinking and overanalyzing goes on like a never-ending race where you never hit the brakes and think for a moment about how stupid it is to think about all the nonsense and just meditate in the divine moment, which is all you ever have.  You can’t control every situation so quit overthinking and blaming yourself.  

The first step to quit overthinking is to recognize and admit you’re overthinking.  
The second is to know that you’re not your own thoughts. 
The third is to observe your thoughts and not feed your thoughts with more overthinking.
Observe and watch your thoughts just like you're observing people outside your home. Observe your thoughts and watch them fade away easily on their own. Don't try to control them. Just allow them to be there and vanish on their own. They stay if you keep feeding them and vanish when you observe them without giving them much attention. 

Overthinking is the reason why people are grumpy during the day. Because overthinking leads to stress and people become so stressed that they become grumpy people who get irritated at everything.  Do you think having baggy eyes and having early wrinkles comes from overthinking or from meditating at the moment? It comes from overthinking and worrying too much.  There is no reason dwelling about the past because the past has already happened and you can't do anything about it or control it. It's like watering a dead flower. There is no reason to fear the future because the future hasn't happened yet. The media wants you to fear and worry about the future. Use your TV and social media carefully and wisely.

“A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts. So, he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions." - Alan Watts

It's pretty common sense, logical and obviously: If you keep overthinking many things that stress you out, then why do you continue doing it if you know it's not healthy for you?  
Why are you hurting yourself like that? Meditation is a good practice to detach from overthinking if your thoughts are getting out of control. It's honestly hurting your brain to overthinking. To practice meditate in the moment is HARD for those who haven't done it before. Because they are used to overthink all the time growing up. They don't recognize it as an issue, they think it's normal yet it's SCARY and ODD for them to suddenly meditate in the moment.  

It's a new thing for them. Isn't that crazy? For them, it's a new thing to suddenly relax in the present moment. They've completely forgotten what it's like to not overthink but live in the present moment. They haven't done that since they were kids. Only kids and animals live in the present moment. They don't sit around thinking about the past and fear about the future like adults do today. 

You can quit overthinking by starting to meditate in the moment, listening to relaxing music without vocals in it, take a walk in nature, and have a hobby you're passionate about.  It could be painting and playing soccer for example. You quit overthinking when you're talking with people who are deserving of your love. They distract you from overthinking by talking to you about normal things.  

Quit overthinking whether someone likes you or not. If you like someone, stop overthinking and approach the person. Ask them out, tell them you like them and let them know you want to hang out with them. Overthinking means you lack confidence and faith in yourself, that's why people overthink whether someone likes them or not and never get the chance to approach them and confess their love for them. You never know until you talk to them. 

There is no reason to overthink. Overthinking creates more useless problems for you that shouldn't be there in the first place. Think less and life will become a blissful life for you. 
You spend so much energy and time thinking, thinking and thinking and you end up being tired throughout the day when you could've spent all the energy and time on something productive and useful for your life. Overthinking is like having a toxic friend. You think they're normal in what they're doing, but they're toxic and are not healthy for your mind, soul, and body to be around with.  

Life is meant to be simplified, not overcomplicated. 

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