What's The Difference Between A Soulmate and Twinflame?

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I have done research about this topic as I used to think a soulmate and twinflame were the same thing and interchangeable, but it turns out they are not the same thing but quite different. I think many people are in common with the word "Soulmate" than "Twinflame" in this modern-day, mistakenly mixing them together as the same thing. I get why some people mistake them for the same thing because they seem similar, yet different.

Now have you always longed for someone you have never met? Have you ever met someone where both of you just clicked instantly and you feel like you have known each other for a very long time even though you just met them? Where you feel comfortable with them and you can be 100% yourself without being downgraded? Where you just feel like you understand each other and can easily talk for hours and hours easily and naturally?

We have met people in our lives where we felt an instant connection to them as if we have met that person before because we recognize their soul. Most people feel this way with some people, but the reason why they feel an instant connection with the person is that we recognize their soul. Their soul is so familiar to us as if we had an encounter with that soul before in a past life.

I just want to add in this topic I will include talking about reincarnation and past lives, and it's fine if you don't believe in both of them. You can just take it as a gram of salt, when I mention about reincarnation and past lives, even though you don't believe in that stuff. Just keep an open mind.

Now, what's the difference between a soulmate and twinflame?

A Soulmate can be more than just one person. Anyone can be your soulmate. Generally, I think you have a few soulmates in your life and not 100 soulmates because you only have a few loyal people in your life. It can be your parents, siblings, partner, best friend, co-worker, or your confidant, etc. Even your pet can be your soulmate. You can also call them your “soul family”
Your current brother/sister could have been your past brother/sister. Your current father could have been your past life son. Your mother could have been your past life sister.

Your current best friend could have been your past-life best friend. The list goes on.

This means a soulmate doesn't necessarily mean you have a romantic connection with them. I used to think a soulmate was your one true love aka Mr/Mrs. Right, whom you'll spend the rest of your life with. I was wrong, not knowing a soulmate can also be your family, friends, partner, and so on, with a platonic connection. That’s why they are called your soul-MATE, just like you had class-MATE when you went to school. They are your mates because they just get you and are loyal people to you, romantically or platonically.

You help each other improve, grow and succeed. You might think your soulmate can be a pain in the butt at the moment, but later on, you show appreciation to your soulmate because you just realized their help has worked on you to succeed, grow and improve.

These people are your soulmate because they understand you on a deep level. However, the relationship you have with your soulmates CAN be expired, as some of them are only here for a short moment in your life to teach you some life lessons, that you'll carry on in your life.

You have met your soulmate in your past lifetimes, whether it's your parent, sibling, or one of your friends, for example. They are still with you in this lifetime, because they are here to continuously guide you in this current lifetime.

Being in a relationship with a soulmate can end, as relationships with a soulmate don't always last forever. Like I wrote before, they are here in a short time to teach you life lessons and depart from your life after that. This can be devastating for some people because they’re in love with their soulmate.

With soulmates, you can let your guard down because you trust them fully 100%
You’re fully vulnerable with each other and not afraid of being your Truest Self with them.

You don't feel the sense of loneliness, when you're around your soulmate, because they understand you. However, you also combat and trigger each other to grow and improve yet still have a special connection and bond with each other.

I think that you’ll start a strong bond with your soulmates the moment you lower your ego and can be in the present moment with stillness while living your dream.

Twinflame is just one person who's your other half. You’re both one soul in two different bodies, who have been separated for a very long time. You are both feminine and masculine energy. You're both the Ying and Yang. The man is the female version of the woman, and the woman is the male version of the man. You're both too much like each other yet two very different people who go through different journeys in life and shares the same vibration.

No matter how different both of you are on the outside when it comes to appearance, religion, culture, background, skin color, hobbies, personality, and even if your twinflame lives on the other side of the world, you’re both soulfully identical deep inside the core of both of your souls. Both of you have an unconditional love when you have finally reunited in this current lifetime.

You both have a higher purpose in this current life that you need to do before going to the next stage which is the romantic relationship. One of the purpose is to force each other to grow and evolve. You need each other to become whole and complete and fill the void and hole that your soul has.
It's your twin soul because you mirror each other. You understand each other and have a telepathic connection to each other, it's like you know what both of you are thinking at the moment. You feel like you have met that person in a past life before because you feel familiar with their soul. When you meet your twinflame, it's like you're thinking:

"I have been waiting for you so long and here you are again. I'm so happy to see you again, after a long, long time."

You have been longing for that person for your whole time.
Some people have only met their twinflame once in their lifetime while some other people have met their one twin-flame in many past lives. Sometimes your twinflame is in a relationship with someone else. Your twinflame can be married to someone else right now with children.

As I have understood, you’re more likely to meet your soulmate than your twinflame. It’s rare for people to meet their twinflame, and when they do, the description of meeting each other again for the “first time” in this life is OVERWHELMING. It’s intense. You have a spark with each other. The energy you have when you meet your twinflame is a powerful, indescribable connection. Your whole life has changed after meeting your twinflame.

You can have unconditional love for each other without being in a relationship. Because both of you have to be completely wholesome before going to the next step: Romance. If that happens.

The best thing is to not look after your soulmate/twinflame as it can be detrimental for your soul because you keep on looking without success and that leads you to disappointment.
Just enjoy your life and do the things you love creating. Focus on yourself and love yourself. Follow your dreams and have your focus on something else than looking for your soulmate/twinflame. Focus on evolving and growing yourself.

How do you know if someone is your soulmate or twinflame?

The answer is pretty simple:
When the moment arrives:
You just know.

What do you think?

Have you met your soulmate/twinflame?
Do you have a story with your soulmate/twinflame, that you want to share?

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