Writing is Therapeutic and Helps You Grow As A Writer

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We write to express our thoughts that struggle to come out vocally, so we end up babbling and cluttered in our speech. Writing should first and foremost always start with you having the passion to write, before making it profitable. You have to enjoy the work and process. I love sharing stories. I want to write topics that have changed my reader's life and enhanced their perspective on a specific topic. That's what'll make me happy because I changed someone's life. Sharing stories with my readers means a lot. I feel heard and listened by writing something I'm passionate about. It's the stories, that keep people inspired and alive. If you can't travel physically, you can always travel through reading another writer's story. You get to travel inside their inner world.

You're able to express your emotions and thoughts that have been cluttered in your mind for too long, just by using a paper and a pen OR your laptop. Every time I've written a post, I'd ask myself what mistakes I've done from my last post and how I can write better for my next upcoming post in the future. Writing is only a form of therapy for you if you have a passion for writing. It has to feel good for you.

You can let out your sadness and happiness through writing. It's a way to manage your pain and understand yourself better. The good part is you can always rewrite your story. You can choose whether to publish it or keep it private to yourself. Readers who get to read your story will get to know you better. They get a glimpse of how your inner world looks like and most likely relate what you're writing about because both of you think in the same way. It's as if the writer understands their readers and the readers feel less alone.

I would say I started my journey in writing since my childhood years when I used to write in my diary about how my days have been. Writing down how your days went is also like writing down your own story. In my early teenage years, I started to write poetry. I had notebooks of poetry written by me. It was a rough start as I've never written poetry before or written my thoughts out on paper before. The more I did it, the more natural it became for me to write. The more I wrote the more I found it enjoyable to write because it slowly became my passion.

Never write your story, let the story write for you through your hands.

To write is to improve and cultivate your writing ability. Writing is a good practice for you to grow your vocabulary. You'll be good at speaking and express your thoughts on different topics vocally if you grew up as an introvert. That's what I believe.

One time I tried to be a freelance writer for other people who were looking for a writer to write their next blog post topic. It was about blog post topics that didn't catch my interest. It felt forced so I declined, even though they offered to pay me. Writing for someone else about a topic I have no interest in bores me. It doesn't motivate me. That's just how I am.

I find writing enjoyable and therapeutic when I can write about whatever goes on my mind and anything I'm passionate to share with others.

I would have bad days, really bad days and writing down how my day went and how it made me feel is a relief in itself. It's a relief remedy to write down your feelings and emotions. Expressing your pain and sorrow on paper is just one of the best therapy for me and I can keep it to myself. No one needs to know how I felt on that specific day. Only I know.

I honestly just enjoy writing. It's very healing to clean your spirit and purge your pain out through writing. You feel clean after vacuuming your thoughts. It gives me a sense of joy. It makes me happy. You discover yourself through writing and start growing as a writer. Readers give you constructive criticism and you take it as an opportunity to be better next time. You become better and better in writing articles every day. Start reading the first article you ever wrote and compare it to your most recent article and you'll see how much you've grown in your writing ability. Whether it's a short or long story. It doesn't matter. You may think you haven't grown as a writer, but you have when you see the comparison.

To write your story is like analyzing your inner self. You learn yourself in a different way than you knew. You write down what made you sad and happy, and in that way, you actually study your own emotions and understand your emotions better than before. Writing is therapeutic and a good stress-reliever because you let everything out on a paper. You study your emotions and you learn to communicate better about your emotions and what bothers you throughout the day.

You've come to understand your own mindset and analyze yourself from the inside more clearly.

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