You Can't Make Someone Love You

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It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are to the person and how much you try to impress him/her. You’ll never see them reciprocate back to you. It’s not worth being worried whether you did impress them or not. It’s not worth being worried about them liking you. Some people can’t see your worth and unique personality no matter how hard you've tried to show them. I know it’s painful to see someone you love not giving the same love back. You want to spend lots of time with them but they’ll only spend less time with you.

You can’t be hard to yourself if you don’t receive the same love and reciprocity back. Some people are too blind to see your worth and effort. You care about them, but they care about their own life. They overlook you. You cry tears of frustration and confusion, but you can’ keep on devaluing yourself this way. If they can’t love you back and treat you the same way, that's their own problem. They can’t see your worth and value.

You won't make someone love you and treat you the same way. You can only forgive them and let them go. I know it’s easier said than done, but its the only way to move on and love yourself enough to walk away from anyone who doesn’t value you as an individual. It can both be platonically and romantic. Just be prepared to be disappointed and not expect anyone to love you back. It will save you from lots of pain and heartbreak. Not everyone will see how much of a great friend you were to them and not all your exes will realize how much of a great girlfriend/boyfriend you were to them. Perhaps until they find someone worse than you.

Sometimes I ask myself, "How can someone go from loving each other to become strangers so quickly?"

I have to add one thing: If you TRULY want the person back and you're 100% confident with it, then believe in your heart the person will come back to you at the right time, BUT then you have to let it go and move on with your life. Don't attach them to your life. Detach them and forget about it as you're enjoying your life. It's so important to be detached from people because it's not healthy to be attached to people that you almost forget about yourself and enjoying your own life.

It’s alright to cry it all out instead of keeping the sadness inside. You didn’t know any better. You deserve to be with someone who sees your worth and value. Someone who loves you the same way. Someone who sees all the hard work and dedication you do for them. You can’t be with someone who doesn’t equal the same hard work and dedication as you do. You both have to work hard for this relationship if you both truly loved each other. You want to be with someone who co-operates with you romantically or platonically. You can't sculpt people's minds. They are not your servants. If they decided to not be with you, then let them go. Don't hold tighter or you'll become more heartbroken. Just let go. I know you love and care about them, but it's not fair for you to do all the work, while they no longer care about you or your effort. Feel the pain and heartbreak, and you'll feel much better as time goes by. Embrace the pain, sadness, and heartbreak at the moment. Don't fight at it. Just embrace it without being consumed by it and with time you'll move on.

You can check up on them and contact them, but if they don’t check up on you to see if you’re alright, then you’ll feel neglected and disappointed. You’ll see their true colors. It’s their loss if they can’t see your worth and value. It’s their own problem. Not yours.

Being one-sided with someone who doesn’t reciprocate back is the worst. You will only end up feeling empty, confused, lost and heartbroken. You really thought the person loved and understood you the same way you did with them, only to realize they didn’t. You’re mad and confused. You really found The One only to find out they aren’t the ones. It’s a huge disappointment. You start to question what went wrong and what you could have done better. You'll feel spiritually empty without the other person. You feel like a mess and try to fight off the pain, but it never goes away. Only with time. You have a hard time sleeping at night, overthinking about the person and what you could have done to prevent the heartbreak. You start to question if you'll ever be happy in love again or find a true, loyal, authentic friend again.

It’s absolutely wrong to love someone, who doesn’t love you back. You’ll end up poisoning yourself and feel horrible day by day. Don’t put that person on a pedestal. Prioritize yourself first because they won’t make you a priority first, sadly. With time the pain, sadness, and heartache will lessen with time and you start to move on. You deserve the best. You deserve to be loved, definitely.

It’s indeed even hard when you’ve been talking to the same person for a very long time who loves you back but then one day they go from Hot-To-Cold in a short time and it kills you to see them being suddenly indifferent with you easily. It's truly painful to see the love of your life fall out of love from you. The last thing you want is to see the love of your life stop loving you.

You can’t do anything to make them love you, especially if the person doesn’t want to love you back the same way. If they are blind enough to not see you’re worthy, then there is nothing you can do to open their eyes, if they don’t want to. Truth is, it's not an obligation for someone to love you, just because you love them. They have to love you with free will. It's hard but you can't make someone change their mind and force them to love you. You would feel uncomfortable too if someone forces you to love them, right?

Take all the heartbreak and heartache and betrayal as a life lesson. Ask yourself what you've learned from these relationships and friendships. Take those lessons with you as you move on with your life. You're only getting smarter, not dumber. You always learn a lesson from every situation you're in.

You can only love yourself. Love yourself enough that you’re happy being alone. No one loves you the way you love yourself. Become emotionally stable and get back on the horse to move forward and not look back. Keep moving forward and look out what’s there for you. Go on different dates, if you feel ready for it. It’ll give you the opportunities to find someone better and more potential for you.

Treat yourself with love and respect, just the way you want to be treated. Go on dates, travel around the world, practice your hobby, watch funny movies. Listen to happy songs that make you feel good. Keep doing things that make you feel good. The more you love yourself, the more your self-love will reflect in the other world and people can feel it. When you start practicing self-love then people will start loving you too. Maybe the ones who left will come back and love you the same way you love yourself or you'll find a much better partner or friend. Enjoy your life.

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