You'll Never Find A Woman Like Her Again

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That's right. You'll never find a woman like her again. Will you find love again? Yes, sure, but you'll not find someone as unique and astonishing as her. She is a different character of her own, that's hard to find these days. Loyalty is rare to find these days. Every woman can have beauty, but not everyone can be as loyal as her.

She would always check up on you to see if you’re alright and get worried about you when you’re having a bad day.  She is all eyes and ears when you talk about the hardship you had to deal with. She is sensitive to your pain. She would do anything in the world to make sure you're alright. She'll give you lots of attention and enjoys spoiling you with unconditional love and affection. She wants no one else but you and has only eyes for you.

She thinks about others first before herself. She thinks about you first, even though you only think about yourself first sometimes. She enjoys every second of the moment with you. She challenges you A LOT and pushes you to be better, improve and grow as an individual. She is not afraid to say you’re wrong in a debate or conversation. She stays on her ground and speaks her mind, even if you find her irritating at the moment. She stimulates you with new pieces of information and gives you the red pill, even if it triggers you or you the deny the informations as false and not truthful. She tells you things you don't want to hear, but need to hear in order to grow, become more aware and better as a human being.

She will tell you how much she loves you 100 times per day and looks at you with a glowing, passionate, lovely look in her eyes because she is in love with you and PROUD of you as a person. She wants to kiss and hug you all the time. She knows you’re flawed and still loves you. She knows you can be an idiot, stubborn, egotistical person sometimes and still loves you because she has a high level of patience. She is a tough, good person who gives you tough love because she is passionate about you. She cares about you more than anything in the world. She enjoys watching you doing the work you're passionate about and is very engaged in your work.

No matter how annoyed you are, she'll tell you things you don’t like hearing and you’ll realize later on in life: She was right at what she said. But you had to realize that in an uncomfortable situation on your own. A harsh lesson learned. It is what it is.

She can’t be mad at you for too long, because her love for you is stranger than hate. She finds it silly to not talk to each other over a small argument that turned into a huge argument. Just one day without you in her life kills her inside and she misses you so much. She loves and cares about you enough to not let arguments win over the love she has for you. Sometimes she hopes you realize that she is trying to help you grow into a better person by telling you the hard truth, not downgrade you.
She has helped you grow as a better person without you have realized it. You might think you did it yourself. No, she did it. She pushed you into evolving your character. She deserves credit and praise for improving you.

If she sees you have friends who are a bad influence for you, she’ll not hesitate to confront you about them. She doesn’t want to see you hang around with immature, kids, because you’ll not benefit anything from them. They won't stimulate you at all. She wants to see you hang with grown-up, mature, smart responsible friends who can challenge and stimulate you. She would often stay calm as you get mad at her for silly reasons.

She cares about you taking the right decisions and going on the right path in life. Yes, she is motherly sometimes, it’s in her DNA to nurture those she cared about, which will make her a good mother to kids. She is good at living in the present moment with you, while your focus is always on your job and other things, not realizing you should be in the moment with the one you love.

Maybe out of everyone in your life who doesn't stimulate you, she is the only one who challenges you to become smarter and better. While others wanted to take advantage of you, she genuinely loves and cares for you. Other women would just leave you because you're a good guy and not "exciting." anymore, while she falls in love with your goodness. It melts her heart to see you do good things for her. She cares about you while others just used you for their own good. She is very forgiving of you and it scares you off because you're not used to be with a woman of beautiful character.

God blessed you with a rare diamond because God believes you deserve someone like her, who will change your life forever and treat you exactly the way you deserve to be treated. If you had a terrible day and calls her because you want to talk to someone who understands what you just went through, she'll be the one. She will drop everything just to talk to you until you feel better again. She will not hesitate to come to your place and comfort you with love and compassion.

You have been blessed with a Queen.
You have been blessed with a Goddess.
You have been blessed with an Angel.
You have been blessed with a smart woman.

A loyal woman with a heart of gold.
A brain of gold.
Eyes of gold.
And loyalty as authentic as gold.
You’ll never find a woman like her again.
Or maybe you will but rarely.
She is rare.

If you choose to push her away and break up with her, then don't complain about not finding a good, loyal woman. You got what you asked for yet pushed it away and complain about it being taken away from you. Most people are shallow these days, so finding a woman who can look at you past that is a challenge.
You won't find a woman with a unique, beautiful character like her again.

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