You're In Good Hands, If You Just Believe

In this article, I’m aiming more for those who have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and good family and friends in their life yet carry worries and disbelief in their life. Life is damn suffering and there is so much unfairness and poverty in this world, that even I can’t answer why it happens to those who don’t deserve it. I’ll talk more about that topic in the future.

To live your life in fear all the time will never make you feel safe knowing everything's gonna be alright. It will only make you feel scared all the time. Scared of losing something or someone. People live mostly in fear all the time. Fear of the unknown, but the fear of the unknown has never occurred, so why waste your time being fearful throughout the whole day?

Why is it so hard for people to believe they're in good hands?
Why is it easier for us to worry about the worst things that never happened?

There is no need to worry if things don't go well. Everything happens for a reason. Find something that gives you consolation and solace. It's not worth time getting anxious, but we're good at getting anxious easily.

If you believe in God, then I suggest it's a good idea to have a conversation with God. I often noticed just by having a conversation with God has purged my worries away. I think it's important to be guided in life, or else you'll be lost in your journey of life.

You can't handle all the worries and stress in your life on your own. Sure it helps you to handle a lot of things and maturing from it, but you're not a robot who can handle all the stress and worries. Hand your worries and stress to God, in my opinion. Have faith and trust the process that your dream will come true and everything will be alright.

God knows what's best for you, even if you are blinded by it at the moment. Just take a deep breath for a couple of minutes every day and clear your thoughts. Let go of everything you can't control. If people or things are meant to be in your life, they'll stay in your life. If not, they'll vanish from your life and there is a reason why God has done that for you.

Just ask God:
"God, I don't know what's gonna happen. I don't know where this is taking me, but I trust that you know what you're doing. Just show me the way and tell me what to do, and I will do it. I believe in myself because I believe in you first."

God will guide and show you if you just ask and believe. Life just happens and we can't control it. If you keep on resisting worries, then more worries will show up in your life. Handing your worries and concerns to God is the same as letting go. Let it go and let God handle it for you.
Have you ever heard someone say"Don't feed the trolls?"

It's the same in this situation: Don't feed the worries. Feed on happiness.

We can't control people to stay in our lives. They choose to stay in your life for a reason, and it's alright if they leave, even if it makes us miserable.

Maybe your significant other has left you because God has someone better for you. Someone who is better than your ex. Maybe you lost a job because God has a better job for you, that'll get you closer to your dream goal.

You might not see where the process is taking you, but trust that the process will make sense once the process has led you to your dream job or any other dream goal. At that moment, you'll have an AHA-Moment.

I say this because I liked someone more than a friend many years ago, and was heart-shattered because he was not in my life anymore. In my eyes back then, he was the one and I got worried he'll never come back. He came back to me years later and I realized why he left in my life: He became immature and toxic. We were two different people now, I've evolved and he has degraded for the worst. Losing him was the best thing that ever happened and I moved on years ago.

I finally understood. It was my AHA-Moment.
We often want things from our hearts, but our heart is a fool sometimes. That's why people go back to their toxic ex, believing in their heart that their ex has changed this time.
They have not and never will.

It's not rational and logical. We should want things from our head that makes logical sense.
Yes, listening to our heart IS important sometimes, but balance it.

If you fully believe with all your heart that everything will turn out great for you, then you're in good hands and you have no reason to worry. If you believe it, then you can never get it wrong.

If you're stubborn enough to not let go of worries, then you're making it harder for yourself and more worries will keep on coming to you, if you don't surrender. The trust is, we don't always know what's best for us. We might think something is good for us, but it's not. Not always. God knows what's best for you, even if you can't see it until you get an AHA-Moment.

Worrying too much about life is killing us. Worry steals our happiness. Worry is a thief that robs us of peace of mind. Worry will always haunt you if you let it haunt you. It doesn't want the best for us. It just wants to disturb our minds. Worry becomes powerful if you give it much attention. Don't feed on worries, but observe it without giving it much attention and it will vanish from itself. It vanishes because you choose not to be attached to the worry.

Worrying is like a tornado - It sucks you into a circle of chaos and drops you to nowhere. Therefore you receive no beneficial result from worrying. It will not do good for you.

You want to achieve something, yet you don't think it will happen. What makes you think that? Why is it so easier for you to think it might not happen? Why is it hard for you to think it will happen? It hasn't happened yet, so keep on working on your dream till it happens.

When you order a meal at the restaurant, you don't sit around thinking "I don't think my order will arrive. I don't think it will happen."

Instead, you trust the process that your order will arrive. You talk to your friend at the table after ordering the meal. You let go and have a good time and suddenly your order arrived quicker than you thought because time flies when you let go and focus on something else.

It came because you believed that you're in good hands that it will arrive at you on the table.
You should have the same mindset when you have goals you wanna accomplish.
When you aim for a goal think: "I know this will happen one day." instead of thinking

"It might not happen."


Let go and release your thoughts by meditating, going out for a walk in a local park, or spend time with good people. The more you sit in your home worrying, the more it will be harder for you to let go of your worries. Get out and do activities. They help you to get distracted.

This advice will distract you from being worried about your journey of life.
Relax and take a deep breath knowing everything will turn out great.

You WILL be in good hands if you just believe.

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