15 Nonmaterialistic Things To Be Grateful For

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It's easier for people to focus on the negative things in our life than to be grateful for the positive things in our life. It's almost have become hard to find anything that makes us grateful.
Here are the 15 lists of things you can start being grateful for right now and none of them are materialistic.

1. Breathing
You won't be able to live without breathing. We overlook what keeps us alive. There are people in this world, who have a hard time breathing. It's an overlooked, unappreciative thing that fights for us to live every second. If you breathe with the flow, you're blessed. It's as simple as that.

2. Health
Without good health, you would have horrible diseases such as cancer and AIDS/HIV for example. You'll get a stroke or brain injury suddenly. You're very blessed if you aren't born blind or deaf. You're blessed if your health is in good overall shape, by getting checked by the doctor every couple of months.

3. Financial Income
Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can give you a lot of freedom to be independent and do whatever you want to do. You’re able to provide for yourself and your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about not receiving financial income every month like other people who are struggling with getting a monthly income.

4. Roof Over Your Head
It's a nightmare to think about living on the streets while it rains, snows, thunders and the weather is horribly cold. Homeless people died lonely from hypothermia. It's a tragic truth. A roof over your head secures your safety and comfort. You're blessed to be secured in a loving home.

The sun sends you serotonin and pure light of happiness when you're depressed. It reminds you that there is still light and happiness in this world. It shines with pure love. Your body needs the sun to survive and the sun wakes up every day to kiss you with pure love and happiness, reminding you that you're still loved and important.

6. Nature
When daily life gets hectic and people in your surrounding gives you a headache, then take a look at the beautiful side of nature. Nature is everything you need. It can give you more than what your smartphone has to offer you. Nature connects you back to the Earth and your inner self. You feel recharged and in peace, just by spending time in nature. It can heal you from the pain and heartbreak you've been dealing with lately.

7. Sleep
Get enough sleep, so you can boost your productivity and creativity in order to work on your passion. Getting sleep is where you're in the most peaceful state of mind. It improves your memory and helps you to be in a better mood. Without sleep, you get grumpy. Sleep is good and peaceful. It's good for your health.
No one can interrupt you, except your child.

8. Food On The Table
Poor people, especially in third world countries are fighting every day to bring food to themselves and their families. Without food, you’ll become malnourished, weak and die slowly. Be thankful to have food on the table.

9. A Good Family
You have a loving family who cares about you. Sure they aren’t perfect and you argue sometimes, but they are always there to save your butt in case you need instant help. They are there for you when you need to talk to them about your bad or good day. You're blessed to have a good family.

10. Pets/Animals
Our pet is our truest friend when we’re struggling with life. They can motivate us to be active and they can give you lots of love when you’re crying. They're more real than humans. They’re there for you no matter what. They give you unconditional love without speaking the same language as you. Which is all we ever need. You’re lucky to have a loyal pet as a friend, supporter, and family. They're true healers.

11. Your Partner
It's important to have a partner in crime through thick and thin. A teammate who is on your side. A partner who comforts you through hard times. A best friend who's loyal and will always be there for you. Your partner gives you hope in life. A romantic lover who treats you better than any other woman/man.

12. Your Friends
It's a problem to be home all the time and not have friends. You’re blessed to have a small circle of friends who cares about you and is there for you when you break down. They help and comfort you when life makes you feel insecure.

13. The Ability To Function
If you have clear eyes to see, nose to breath, ears to hear, mouth to speak, feet to walk, and arms to do your passion such as writing, then you’re more blessed than you think you are. Period. Be thankful. Not everyone has a functioning body.

14. Freetime
Life is not fun if you’re constantly working. The more you work the more you forget what's it like to relax and have fun. That's why people age quicker than their age. Remember to pull the cable out and have a timeout. Life is meant to be fun and you are blessed to have free time to do whatever you want to and cool off from daily life stress.

15. Humor
Life is just a little bit more joyful when you can laugh at silly jokes. Laughing at humor makes you live a longer and healthier life. It's blissful to crack jokes once in a while and light up the dark times that we encounter.

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