27 Signs He's The One For You

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You know he is the one when you just met him and both of you just clicked for the first time. Both of you could talk for hours and hours and not think about how late it is, because you're enjoying both of your company with each other. You feel comfortable being around him. You feel you can be 100% yourself in his company. It just feels right to be with him. You share so many things in common.
Now I'll share with you 28 signs that indicate he is the one for you. It's important to look for signs if the person is the right one for you or not. These are the 28 signs:

1. He's ready for you.
There is no doubt in his mind that he is ready to be with you. He doesn’t hesitate to tell you he wants to be with you and only you. He is fully committed to you and has made his decision to make you a priority and have you by his side.

2. He makes you laugh.
He cheers you up and cracks a funny, silly joke to make you laugh, even when you have a miserable day. His aims to make you smile when you feel miserable. He dislikes seeing you feel miserable because he gets sad to see you being heartbroken.

3. He works hard to provide both of you.
He takes you seriously and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He works hard to provide for both of you and to be able to afford to take you out and spoil you. He's a hard-working man who chases his dream and provides his family.

4. He gives you space.
He knows you need time for yourself. He knows you have family and friends to take care of and spend time with. That's because they're important in her life. He knows you have hobbies and passions to do. He trusts you very much to give you space because he knows you love him and always comes back to him when you got enough space for yourself.

5. He is respectful to your family and friends.
He knows how important your family and friends are for you, so he shows respect to them because they're important for you. If he loves you, he'll love your family and friends too. He treats them kindly and respectfully. It's great and important he has a good relationship with your family and friends.

6. He's a modern gentleman.
A man who's a keeper HAS to be a little old-school. He has to be a gentleman who loves wearing suits and ties. Being a gentleman should not be outdated. It's still important he can pull a chair for you, open the door for you, and walk you to your door.
He'll be in front of your door unexpectedly with a bouquet in his hands that's just for you only.

7. He thinks you're beautiful without makeup.
He still thinks you're beautiful whether you're in pajamas and have no makeup on. Sometimes he wouldn't even notice you have no makeup on. He has his eyes on your smile, beautiful eyes, and soul.
8. He loves you for who you are.
That's why he's with you in the first place. He loves your personality and your soul. He thinks you're amazing just the way you are. He loves your spirit and soul. He wouldn't try to change you at all.

9. He has his own dreams to follow.
He is independent and has his own goals to accomplish. Nothing will stop him from following his dream and passion. He'll appreciate you for supporting his dreams and guiding him the way to his dream. He won't let anyone stop him from chasing his dreams.

10. He listens to you.
He thinks before he speaks. He listens to what you say before adding a comment to what you're saying. He doesn't hear you but listens to you. He cares about your opinion. Your voice and opinion matters to him. That's a very selfless trait from him.

11. He asks about your day.
He wants to hear about how your day has been because he cares about your well-being. He cares about you enough to hear if you had a bad day so he can make you feel better in any way he can.

12. He protects you when you feel unsafe.
It’s in his natural instinct to protect his partner from danger. You have no superhero in your life but him (and your dad/brother) He is willing to get injured just so you’re being protected from psychopaths on the street. If you feel unsafe walking home alone he will walk you home and up to your door.

13. He supports your dream.
He believes in you and knows you can be better every day. He’ll help you achieve your dream. He believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself. He is the greatest supporter you’ve had. He believes you can do it.

14. He is not easily offended.
He’s mature if he doesn’t get easily offended by your honest truth. You feel like you can express what you think he has done wrong and he won’t be in denial or fight back. He’ll lay back and think about what you've told him. He appreciates your honesty. He appreciates how you tell him how he is behaving from a third-person perspective.

15. He loves studying with you.
You’re both teammates. You cultivate and improve together. He is interested in your knowledge and he wants to study everything with you with an open mind. You can stimulate each other with information and knowledge. You're growing together with knowledge.

16. He's both serious and goofy.
He is serious when it comes to serious situations and moments. But he can be goofy in silly situations and moments. He balances both his seriousness and goofiness.

17. He calls you when he's busy.
Work and education take all of his time. He becomes so busy he becomes fixated in his work. It’s very huge of him if he can take a minute to call or text you just to check up on you and express how much he miss your beautiful face and voice. Keep that man.

18. He opens up his vulnerability for you.
He doesn’t open up his vulnerability to anyone. But with you, he feels he can express his vulnerability to you without being told he's a weak man. He can cry in front of you. He can express his deepest and darkest secrets to you without being judged. He opens up to you because he trusts you. Don't ruin that trust for him.

19. He's super romantic.
He brings you flowers. He’s a great kisser and lovemaker. He loves to slow dance with you. He enjoys watching movies with you. He loves cuddling. He grabs you just to kiss you. He treats you like a lady. He compliments your body. He finds you beautiful and sexy which boosts your confidence level.

20. He introduces you to his family and friends.
You’re special to him. He introduces you to his people if he sees you as a wife-material and takes you serious. He won’t choose a woman who won’t fit in with his people.

21. He checks upon you.
He wants to check up on you to see if you’re okay. He wants to know about your day. He calls you in the middle of his work to see if you’re okay. He cares about you and thinks about you every day.

22. He brings you surprises and gifts.
He is an unpredictable man in a good way. You never know what his next surprise will be. He loves to impress you with surprise and spoil you with gifts. Let him spoil you. He wants to brighten your day.

23. He drops everything to be with you.
If you’ve been in an incident or had a horrible, uncomfortable day then he is willing to stop with everything he is doing and comes to you quickly just to comfort you and be there for you 100%. That’s a man who cares for you and gets worried about you.

24. He will travel across the world to see you.
He’ll make time to see you if both of you are living in different countries. He misses you every second and the distance is painful for him. He’ll make it a priority to come see you. He’s excited to see you the moment you two meet.

25. He says sorry.
He may be ridiculous at first, but after a while, he’ll think about how much of a dumbass he has been to you and will make it up to you quickly. He’ll approach you and apologize for his behavior and what he said. It didn’t hit him till later and it’s a good thing he apologizes sooner than later and changes his behavior. It's good he can see and empathize with your perspective.
26. He's good with kids.
He’s natural with kids. He plays with them. He comforts them. He disciplines them. He cooks food for them. He cleans up after their mess. He takes them out. The kids love to be around him too. That’s an important trait if you want to have a family with him.

27. He challenges you.
He’s not like other guys. He’s not afraid to speak his opinion that's thought-provoking for you at first. He’ll ask you questions you’ve never thought of before. He debates against you with information you didn't know before. He has owned you in debates before. Have a man who challenges and stimulates you.

 Not every guy is a douchebag and hates women. Not every man treats women like dirt. There are good men out there in this world who know how to treat a woman and you're one lucky woman if you're dating a man with those amazing traits.

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