Admitting Makes You A Great Person

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We live in a world where it’s hard for people to admit something. It's hard for them to admit and apologize. It's hard for them to recognize a friend or family for their greatness. They take a great person in their life for granted. Someone who helped them shape the person they are today.  They can't admit the mess they made. They can’t admit they had an unreasonable behavior or said stupid things to someone. They can’t admit if they’re in pain and needs help. They have a hard time facing how wrong they were. It's an Ego trip they have.

They see them as perfect and got it all, but they don't realize they got that confidence and power because someone has helped to build them up to be the greatest they can ever be. They can't control that power and thinks they got that level of confidence from themselves. No, someone helped to build you up, you just can't admit it and recognize the other person for their work.

It's hard for people to admit, even if there is plenty of evidence and proof being shoved in their faces. They just won't admit. There is nothing wrong with being wrong. We are human with flaws. The best thing you can do is admit. Most people think they humiliate and embarrass themselves if they admit they're wrong. Actually, to admit you've been wrong is a sign of COURAGE AND STRENGTH. It takes a huge level of bravery to admit. That'll make you a great person because you're being completely honest with yourself and to the other person.

Instead, they are in constant denial and have resistance to them. They have an Ego trip. They have megalomania. They think they are the smartest people in the world and have it all together. There is no humility. They won’t admit if they stole an idea from someone.

They won’t admit to their family/friend they’ve inspired them to do something. They won’t admit they are who they are today from the good influence of their family/friend. They won’t admit and recognize where their growth came from. Someone helped them. Someone helped them so much that it’s like they become powerful from someone helping them and then use it against the one who helped them with their growth. They won’t recognize their family/friends for their great help.

It’s hard for them to confess things such as saying:
“Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
“Thank you for giving me advice and information. It means a lot.”
"You've helped me improve in such a short time."
"I wish there were more people like you with that great information."
“I have no one in my life who helps me as much as you do. You inspire me and I appreciate having you in my life.”
“I am in terrible pain. I need help.”
"Okay, I am sorry. "
"You're right."
"I made the mess."
"I didn't think I was that way. I'll fix that in me."
"I got it from you."

Purge it out. Stop hiding it. Get it out. Be honest and up forward. You're not weak for admitting to something. No, you're not defending yourself for a good reason. You're just being plain ridiculous. I think you've to truly empathic and understanding person to be able to admit. Stop running away from confrontation. You won't fix anything from running away and denying your wrongdoing. The problem will haunt you until you surrender and admit your wrongdoing. You won't get away with it by being in denial. Just be honest. That's all. You're only making the issue bigger and longer by denying and not recognizing your wrongdoing. You'll make the issue quick to move on from and shorter by just admitting your wrongdoing. You won't be punished. I want you to be honest from your heart.

Deep inside you know you're wrong, but you're fighting against yourself by lying to yourself saying you aren't wrong.

We all influence and inspire each other. However, some people will copy you. Let's say you bought new white Nike shoes. You meet up with your friend. Your friend sees your white Nike shoes, and the next day you meet up with your friend, you see your friend wearing the same exact shoes you bought. You confront them and they won't admit they got it from you. They won't recognize you as their inspiration. They're embarrassed. They're in denial and not true to themselves.

To me, that makes them more of a crappy friend, because they won't admit that it's a little bit weird to do the same thing as your friend the next day. They won't admit they look up to you. I don't mind someone close to me being inspired by me and doing the same thing as me, just admit it, God damn it. Recognize it. Be straight forward. Be humble and admit it. Not admitting it shows your arrogance and therefore you're a crappy friend. In the end, you're not being true to yourself.

I get inspired and influenced by other people. I tell them that they inspire me. I admit that I've been inspired by them. I'm not ashamed of it. In my teenage years, I was stubborn and didn't want to admit to anything. Now I've become better at admitting to something and recognize the other great person for their greatness. I would even ask them if it's okay I get the same shoes, hat, jacket, etc as them. Because I know how annoying it is that someone does the same thing as me and won't admit it.

Stop making excuses and stop being in denial. It's immature. Just be straight up and admit where you got it from. Admit who is inspiring you. Recognize other people's greatness instead of ignoring their greatness and do the same things as them.

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