Finding Your Self-Worth Is Important

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There is no doubt we feel unworthy in the company of people who project their own self-hate unto us. We feel unworthy because we're in the company of people who makes us feel unworthy. So whatever we do it is never good enough. When are we good enough for them? Never. You can't impress or please them. No one can make you feel worthy. Only you can make yourself feel worthy, and it's a long journey in life to find your own self-worth. As children, we're fragile to people's opinions of us. I used to be a child being told by my one of own parent "You suck. You're disabled and can't do anything in life." and it was hard to hear that as a child. Even expressing what one of my parents told me openly in this platform is out of my comfort zone. I imagine my family will read my article and make me feel ashamed for it. Again, it's MY story. Let me share my story with the world. It could save someone's life, hopefully.

I felt weird, confused, and uncomfortable being told I suck and can't do anything in life because I'm disabled (I was a healthy child) I was a damn vulnerable, sensitive child. Being told you're unworthy makes you feel confused in life. You don't know who you are and don't see any purpose in life. You just live your life feeling unworthy. You feel unworthy because you aren't being seen or heard from those you thought you could count on. People betray you. Life betrays you. You start believing you're not worthy to find love and achieve your dream. I was very sensitive about hearing people's insults about me as a kid and teen. I became angry at life but I'm thankful to at least have one close relative in my life who supported and guided me through life even though I was a mess at first. A mess because I was insulted as a child. I'm not the stable person I would be today without that important person in my life who helped me believe in myself again and that I can do anything I set my mind to.

No child should ever be insulted by their own family. It's the worst thing you can do to a child. You're supposed to lift your child's spirit and make them feel worthy of love. Otherwise, they'll grow up becoming a mess with a huge void in their soul, trying to fulfill their emptiness through drugs, parties, and careless sex.

The more crap and negativity I got from people in my life, the more careless I became towards them. I was tired of crying in my sleep every night because someone insulted me and I felt unworthy to be in this world. I became tired of being in this daily circle where people downgraded my self-worth and I cry in my sleep. I was tired of being nice. I had to stand up for myself and shut them down. If I didn't do that, I would betray my own self-worth. I had no choice. If I didn't stand up for myself, I wouldn't survive for long in this world. I want to be damn happy. I wanted peace while being alive. I don't want anyone devaluing my self-worth just so they can feel fulfilled by being a jerk who hurt someone. I learned to reply back, because one of my relatives encouraged me to reply back and that I shouldn't take crap from idiotic people.

I was tired of being nice and I certainly didn't care if the idiotic people found me to be harsh or cruel. Screw what you think. They can think whatever about me. When you find your self-worth again, you stop caring what other people think of you. You start caring about how you feel about yourself.

To have self-worth, you need to set boundaries and limits. You find your self-worth again by being in the company of people who reminds you of your self-worth. Who reminds you of how valuable you're in their life. A pet can remind you how valuable and loved you are. You can remind yourself how valuable you're if you give it a chance. Affirm to yourself every day that you're worthy of love and respect. Tell yourself "I am enough the way I am."

You don't need to change yourself. You just need to accept yourself the way you are whether people like it or not. You need to grow your self-worth like a seed blossom to a beautiful flower.
Shutting idiotic people down is self-worth. You won't allow people to downgrade your self-worth. You protect your self-worth by reminding them that you've been injured enough and had enough.

When you feel unworthy of yourself, ask yourself why you feel that way and who made you feel unworthy? Write it down, because it will make you understand yourself better. Our behavior, feelings, and thoughts are a projection of how we feel about our own worthiness that's been influenced by people in our life. Whether they have influenced our self-worth for the good or bad.

Finding my self-worth took time. It took years to build it up. It's best to value your self-worth as early as you can. From there on you can work on it. Finding your own self-worth doesn't mean you need a high job status and great A's in school to prove everybody and yourself that you are worthy based on your job status and grades. It means you embrace being who you are. It means you're comfortable being in the situation you're in now. You're comfortable being the person you are today. Finding your own self-worth means you stop comparing yourself to other people the journey in your life. It means you're OK with how your body looks like. You stop comparing yourself to others once you see yourself as unique and there is no one quite like you. Being unique in this world makes you worthy. A rare diamond.

To protect your self-worth you learned to be cold towards people's opinions of you. You have to be fully aware of how you talk to yourself mentally. Be aware of how you insult yourself mentally. Pause for a moment and let the thoughts disappear from themselves. Don't take them as truthful. Don't take them personally. Once these negative self-talk thoughts are gone, start giving yourself positive self-talk. The more you do this daily, the more you start to increase your self-worth. You may not believe in it at first, but you will once it becomes a habit to give yourself positive self-talk. People's insulting opinions of you are not true to you. Don't be affected by their words, because they insult themselves daily.

Change your perception of yourself. Go from insulting yourself mentally to compliment yourself mentally. If no one can see your own self-worth, then you need to find your own self-worth. No one can find it, but you. This is a journey of mine too. I tell you what I've taught myself and with the help of other people. Forgive others mentally for insulting you. Not because you accept their treatment of you, but because you're doing it for yourself, so you can move on, let go and start the journey of finding your self-worth. You can't find your self-worth if you haven't forgiven those who hurt you in the past. To forgive those who hurt you is to release the anger inside you before you can find your own self-worth again in peace.

You're loveable and deserving of love. You're worthy to be in this world, just like anyone else. Don't let anyone destroy your self-worth again. Remind yourself that they're lost souls with no self-worth and that doesn't mean you should become a lost soul too with no self-worth. I hope you realize how important it is to find your self-worth again while the rest of the world is lost in their own self-hate. Be in the company of those who bring your self-worth again.

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