Having A Negative Mindset Is Also An Disease

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Disease means you’re in dis-ease with your mind and body. I believe there is no way you can live a long, everlasting life if you’re constantly negative, grumpy and stressed out. Stress kills your happiness. Stress kills the glow in your eyes and skin. Having a pessimistic, negative outlook in life won’t bring you prosperity and happiness. It will only bring you destruction such as death and illness. There is a reason why people collapse from stress. Your body can’t deal with all the stress and negativity that you’re causing your body without noticing it.

It has scientific been proved that negativity destroys your health. Do you honestly expect to live a happy, fulfilled life full of joy and happiness by having a negative, pessimistic, hateful view on life? It doesn’t take a scientist to know that. It’s common sense. You can stress yourself into sickness.
The mind can heal the body if we change the way we’re thinking. Just by having a positive belief system and natural healing for the body can we see a change occurring in our body.

Our body is like a car. If you don’t turn on the engine and drive then the car will become rusty. If you don’t move your body and walk 10 minutes every day your body will become rusty. If you constantly think negative your mind will become rusty.

I’ve had this conversation with my relative: we have talked about that if your whole body is tense all the time from being stressed, negative, angry then your blood veins become tighter and maybe that’s why you get stroke and a blood clot. That’s just a thought we were having, and I believe there is a truth to it.

Negativity and hate equal illness and death. Positivity and love equal happiness and being healthy.
That’s why some say love makes you sick. You fill your body with destructive emotions such as sadness, anger, pessimism, madness, hate, fear and that’s why you have lost appetite that results in having lost lots of weight to the point you become anorexia or gain weight from overeating due to being depressed You get wrinkles and grey hair earlier in life from becoming stressed and hateful all the time.

It all started with your emotions.

Now I know it's healthy to rant and be reasonable angry if something unfair has happened. It's okay to be angry so you can get it out of your system and feel better again. Being angry and negative for no reason is when it becomes unhealthy and toxic. Feed your body with toxic emotions and your health will be at risk. You'll get health issues such as heart disease and stroke. Your body is in constant pain if you're constantly angry, anxious, negative and pessimistic. Your body can feel those toxic emotions. Your body doesn't become healthy from negative emotions.

I see negative, hateful people and their eyes don’t glow. They either look demon-possessed or empty. It makes sense. How can you have life in you if you have a negative mindset that leads to death and destruction? They’re closer to the Devil than God, who’s full of life.

Just a reminder: Don’t get me wrong. Sickness and illness suck. No one deserves to be sick. I wish no sickness those who are my enemy. I know there are good people out there who suddenly get cancer and young people get cancer too. It’s not fair. Life can be unfair I know. I am not denying that.

The reason I started this topic is that a close relative of mine is the most negative, pessimistic, hateful, aggressive person I know.  That person has always been negative. The person had arthritis around 10 years ago and the person's negativity always made me feel ill just by being close to the person. Now the person got a blood clot in the brain. In my mind from this situation, you can’t get that illness without being negative all the time. Without taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Without taking care of your wellness and health. That situation started this topic for me.

I see people with a positive mindset in life and they look younger than their age. Full of life and glow in their eyes. Their skin is glowing and nothing pisses them off. They’re calm and in tune with themselves.  They have no health problems. They’re in balance and in harmony with life. They’re closer to God and Life.

I’m 25 and have been taking care of my body and health since I was around 17-ish. I often drink vegan smoothies full of vitamins and minerals. I bike almost every day as a form of exercise. I wake up speaking positive affirmations. I drink at least one glass of water every day. I watch funny videos until I laugh because it’s good for my health. I think positive thoughts. I think young. I remember to smile. I laugh easily at funny, corny, wholesome jokes. I watch wholesome videos. I listen to uplifting music. I do freestyle dancing to music that puts me in a good mood as part of the exercise. I watch movies that put me in a good mood. I ground myself to nature by walking barefoot in local parks and at the beach. I breathe fresh air from nature. I float in the water at the local beach during summertime as I absorb energy from the sun and enjoying the divine moment.

Yet people often mistake me for being 18-19. That’s because I take good care of myself. look young and healthy. I have zero health issues. I go to the doctor every 6 months for a check. I don’t take strong medical pills every day. I stay close to natural medicine if I can and remember to be positive and optimistic about life every day.

I say this because I one time met a 27-year-old woman with a child and she already had wrinkles in her forehead. Some people I know who are around my age have already small grey hair. One of my relatives already started to have grey hair for the first time when the person was around 25.
You wanna know what else I found interesting? 2 years ago I was in my worst state of mind. Constantly in fear, sadness, anger, hopelessness, and stressed out from being ten times closer to negative people. I got 1-2 of grey hair for the first time back then. There is no doubt in my mind it came from my negative emotions. Time has become better for me and I have no stray of grey hair coming out anymore. I have no doubt the grey hair came from my constant negative emotions back then. I remember being constantly negative and around negative people made me physically, psychologically and emotionally sick.

It’s not enough to be physically healthy. You have to be psychologically and emotionally healthy too. Otherwise, you’ll experience an illness. You have to take care of your wellness too. Drink juice every morning. Exercise. Do things that make you happy. Think positive. Be in a happy mood. Meditate every day to lessen your stress level. Practice gratitude every day. Show appreciation. Think young. Live young.

Thoughts are powerful. You have the power to change your life. If you believe you will live a long life without sickness, you will live a long life without sickness. If you believe you’ll live a short life, you will live a short life. Have a negative outlook in life and you'll probably experience chronic stress. Notice if you feel ill or sick by being close to a negative, aggressive, unhealthy, pessimistic, stressed-out person next time.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who said our thoughts and emotions affect our reality. He would look at water and see how they change by using words, sounds, intentions, and thoughts on water. The water crystal shapes into a beautiful form from being exposed to positive words, sounds, intentions, and thoughts. The water crystal shapes into disgusting form after being exposed to negative words, sounds, intentions, and thoughts.

Source of image: Dr. Masaru Emoto

Adults are made 60% of water. Now I hope you think twice about what emotions you feed your body that's made out of 60% water after seeing the picture above. I see illness as being made by those disgusting water crystal shapes.

Think young and healthy. Believe you'll live a long life. Be thankful for your healing. Take care of your health and wellness. Stay fresh mentally and physically. Observe what emotions you're giving your body.

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