I Miss The Good Old Days Before Technology Took Over

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Back in the good old days, you would walk out of your house and bike on the road with your other friends. People were more sociable back then compare to today, except when they're on a bus and reading their newspaper. People today are becoming more and more antisocial. Their eyes are glued to their smartphones the whole day. Children are already playing with their tablets and smartphones most of the day. It's sad how ignorant parents don't know how it can hurt a child's eyes by looking on the bright screen the whole day.  There is no wonder how children get blurred vision early on from spending all their playtime on the screen beside genetic inheritance.
People have lost their social connection today. We're becoming more disconnected.

We live in an age of technology.
I know it's hypocritical of me to say because I am typing this article on my laptop. Technology is not bad if you use it wisely by learning new information online and be productive like writing articles online for example. I have to decrease my time spending on technology gadgets. I grew up where technology slowly became more trendy. I grew up a time where we used fat screen monitor. But people were still sociable at that time even though those big computers became trendy and everyone bought it.

People were still outgoing and sociable. Not so much today, though. People are on their phone at the bus stop, inside public transport, in the waiting room. The family is even on their phone during a family dinner time at a restaurant. I have even been told by other people how they saw a couple going out for dinner on a date and both of them are on their phone while waiting for their orders to be served.

The main problem is how you use technology and if it has become an addiction to you, where you just can't get rid of your laptop/smartphone. For instance, there is no problem to use technology to make a living out of your passion.

People have no clue how to be sociable if you take their phones away from them. They are clueless about what to do next. They don’t have an idea of what to invest their time on.
Time changes. People change. Our hands become more handcuffed to our smartphones. We don’t control our phones. Our phones control us now if we don’t break the habit of being addicted to our phones. We don’t have much human interaction today. We have human interaction through technology.

I could go to someone I know and start a human interaction with them but them they pick up their phone and are less engaged in the conversation. They don’t know what they’re doing. They are unaware of what they’re doing. They don't know how much they’re depended on their phone.
In the old days, people went out with their family and friends. They had true human interaction with eye contact. They were more human back then compare today. People are becoming more like robots these days with no emotions.

You went out to talk with your neighbors back then. You bought family and friends over. You let your child go out and play with the other kids. The neighbor's child would knock on your door and ask if your son/daughter wants to come out and play.  People you know would visit you unexpectedly. Your whole family would go out to the amusement parks and still talk to each other during breaks without looking at their phones.

If you had free time you would just pick up a book and start reading. You would write in your diary. You go out for a walk. You hang out with your family and friends. You play hobbies such as soccer or basketball. You write a story. You’re being productive or creative during your free time. You went out to sunbathe with your friends at the local beach.

People were actually sitting at a restaurant with their family and friends without smartphones. They talked, laughed and had fun. They were in contact with each other. They were in the present moment with each other.

Today it’s abnormal to not be on your phone the whole day. In the old days, it was abnormal to be too much on your phone.

In the old days, they spent less on technology. Human interaction was most valuable back then. Today people are just on their phones in their free time. Human interaction has become less valuable.

"I fear the day technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

People were living before technology took over. People were more sociable. People were more in contact with each other. There was more eye contact compare to now.

Technology is part of why people live with bad health. People are sitting in their home the whole day doing nothing but being on their phone the whole day. No exercise and no fresh air to take a walk.
Children try to be social with their parents and siblings but they see how their whole family is on their smartphone. The whole family sits in the living room and doesn’t talk to each other for a whole hour. They are all just on their phones. Children learn from their parents so they start being glued to the bright screen too. Imitating their parents. The family bond is disconnected today.

You should teach your child to be near nature. Not near the touchscreen. You’re supposed to give them paper and pencil colors so they can unfold their creativity. You’re supposed to be connected to your children. Look at them in the eye and say how much you love them and take a walk together with them. You help them become sociable. By letting them being hypnotized by the bright touchscreen you help them become less sociable and more retarded. It’s harsh said but true. It's not the way to make them gifted and intelligent. You’re supposed to be concerned about your child being home all day on their phone/laptop. Being too dependent on technology destroys people’s social skills. You’re less present in the moment.

Think twice when you spend hours on your phone watching useless things. Hug your loved ones. Tell them you love them. Go out for a walk. Have fun. Look at people in the eye, without looking creepy. Do the hobbies you love. Unfold your creativity. Put your smartphone to the side. Spend less time on your smartphone. You can answer that unimportant text message when you go to bed. Learn to not be on your phone for many hours and be sociable. Use technology wisely and carefully.

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