I Need To Be Self-ish To Protect My Energy

Photo by Tom Ezzatkhah on Unsplash

Sometimes you want to help those you care about, but it's hard to ignore their toxic lifestyle and view of life. You want to inform them and guide them. What do you gain in return? Their negative energy is being purged unto you for no reason. You're an innocent person who tries to help those you care about with an innocent intention. You're being a friend. A son. A daughter. A brother. A sister. They won't listen. No one can help them, but them. It's not fair to help someone who only purges negative energy back to you. You try to explain your innocent intention but they think you're just trying to control them and being critical.

You try to be selfless but in the end, you're the one getting hurt. You feel confused. You help others too much that you start to forget about yourself.

But what about helping YOU?
What about you?

You can't forget yourself. You can't lose yourself in other people's problems. I know you mean well for those. But, they have to figure it out themselves. It's their journey in life. You can help them a little bit by informing them here and there, but you have to go back thinking about yourself first. I wish we could live in a world where everybody thought about each other first.
It doesn't always work like that, sadly.

The more you help others (who won't help themselves) the more you forget about your own soul. Your own mental health. Taking care of your own energy is being neglected, and that's why you feel emotionally miserable. What about you?

You should only help those in deserving of love. You should only help them when you feel like it at the moment. In the end, think about yourself first. Be a little self-ish. It's okay sometimes. If you think about helping others first all the time, then you'll never have time to take care of yourself and chase your dreams. You can stop all your dreams and help your sick, elderly parents till they die, and how old would you be when they die? 50–60? Then you never achieved your dreams such as your career and starting a family. You forgot about taking care of yourself. What about you?
It's okay to remove friends out of your life if they're nothing but drama and they haven't evolved personally each year. You tell them what's right and they won't listen to you. They're in denial and resistance. Do you want stubborn friends? It's a waste of time. If you feel like it, take time to remove those friends who aren't on the same level as you. Think about yourself now and you'll be free of useless drama.

When you take time for yourself. A me-time, then you start to remember who you are. Remove those people who hurt your energy, protect your energy by staying away from them. Stay far away from them. Throw their contact information to another planet. Have a long distance from them. Don't have pictures of them on your phone. Push them far away, so you can start to think about yourself first and start over again.

People will disappoint you. I know it sucks. You want them to join your journey in life, but they create chaos in your life. They create more problems in your life. You want simplicity, but they won't. It's not worth having them in your life.

Don't be selfish with bad intentions. Be self-ish for good intentions. Such as protecting yourself and not settle for less. People have hurt you for too long, they have betrayed you so many times, you'd rather be alone and miserable than in the company of people who make you feel miserable. I get that. I've been there. Being alone sucks, but I have little to zero drama in my life. It's freeing. It's a freeing feeling. I remember being in the company of people just for the sake of not being alone, and I can tell you it was way worse and horrible than being alone and miserable. I feel sad and they make me feel worse by making me feel ten times more miserable. They give me useless stress and anxiety.
Being self-ish for fair intentions makes me feel emotionally healthier and sane in the mind. I feel like I can breathe again. I don't feel suffocated being in the company of air-headed people who don't listen to what I'm trying to tell them.

The good thing is I can choose to not have them in my life or not. I have the freedom to make that decision. No one can force me to be with them. I make that decision myself. The older I become the more self-ish I become. Because I realize people don't keep their promises and their words don't match their behavior.

If a guy/girl starts ghosting you out of the blue, let them go and start becoming self-ish. It doesn't matter how much you show your loyalty to them. It doesn't matter how much you show them you care, they'll still ghost you. If they're being selfish like that, then start being self-ish by protecting your energy and think about yourself now. You don't deserve to be treated like that. Stop giving a damn about others who don't give a damn about you. Give a damn about YOU. That's how you'll protect yourself from getting hurt.

Protect your soul by saying no. Say no to things that are detrimental for your soul. Protect your energy from those who make you feel suffocated emotionally and soulfully. Reject them, even if it makes you look like the mean one. Think about yourself first. Be self-ish because you matter first.
It's okay to think you're too good for the world. It's okay to think you have a light in you which no one else has. It's okay to think you're too amazing to be around ignorant people. It's okay to think you're magical to be around and there is no one like you and that's why it's hard to be around normal people who can't see the light and magic in the world like you can see. It's okay to think you're too developed and mature compare to those around you, who are living in their own illusion.

There is nothing wrong with thinking like that. There is nothing wrong with bragging about yourself like this. There is nothing wrong thinking and feeling like that when you've tried getting along with people and given them many chances only to be disappointed and more lonely in this world.

You're amazing. You have a unique, amazing personality. Too amazing and people can't appreciate how amazing and magical you are. You're amazing for helping those you care about, even if they purge hate back to you for no reason. It's time to realize not everybody will love the magic you have. It's better to let it go. Start being self-ish, because you need to protect that magical energy you carry around.

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